Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 2016 Favorites

I’ve written a new “favorites” list.
I’m gonna try to keep up with this on the monthly.
Seeing as October is almost over (what!?)
I’m gonna share with you some of my favs from the past month.


Starbucks Chile Mocha Frap = delish
(I also tried the hot version , and not as good)


I don't get Ipsy anymore (I do order it for Kendall, but I saw this lipstick and needed it. It's called SMOKE and the color is like a cool tone mauve and I LOVE IT. I don't like many lipsticks (im a super light neutral girl) but I just love this one, I had to order a full size.  They gave me a referal link where you can get $5 (if you want)  and also the ipsy coupon is still good code:  


 for 25% off!!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 box (it was 100% amazing, for some reason I took no pictures of it, but this scarf & mug were included & I love them.

Mrs Meyers Apple Cider All Purpose Spray (I got the hand soap too) 

and it's pretty much making me want to clean all the things.
I got mine from Grove Collaborative and its a must this fall.

I found this sweater on sale for $12 at TJMaxx and fell in love. Yes it's black & grey.

Recipes:  These turned out great: 

Our Baby Boy Bakery kit was homemade pizza


I got this idea from Loveli Channel


Family time: 
Parade, Church (first time ever we all went!), Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving

Kendall didn't want to go (or get up that early on a Sat)

New place[s]:

Monday, March 14, 2016

4 By Fourth of July || NEW Project Pan Roulette

These Roulette categories are taken from Heidi from HeidiKMakeup .
And They're all listed here, if you'd like to join.

I'm still working on 5 by Cinco De Mayo
But I can handle adding some more challenges -- I've been doing my make up a LOT more lately & it's making me feel fabulous.

Like first roulette project, I just reached into my jar of categories and pulled 5 new pieces out.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

#Finish5byCincoDeMayo update

Chugging a long with my SHOP YOUR STASH challenges...
I'm trying not to purchase many new things beauty/ body related &just use what I have. I have a lot and what's the point of hoarding it?? This stuff is not quality when it's used within a decent amount of time.

I do admit to buy a few things though.
I needed more masccara and found some Volume Express Falsies Mascara in a Christmas set (with a black eyeliner) on clearance at Walmart. I needed some brow materials, so I'm trying out the ELF brow kit  purchased at Walmart too, I believe. And then I purchased another Ofra Pink Lady lipstick from because I just love that color and I used up every last drop in the last one I've had (for close to 5 years!)

UPDATE ON  Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Haul + Review ||

I was SO LUCKY to have recently won a giveaway that MisterManPants on Instagram held. 
The giveaway was for one of their "Budget Mystery Boxes" that they have available on their website.

Mister Man Pants, LLC is a website that sells eco friendly mommy & baby items. Items like cloth diapers & amber necklaces.

You can follow her on IG & see all the fun shipments she sends out.

You can purchase just what you need from from Sunbaby cloth diapers, to essential oil jewlery to mamacloth or opt for the mystery boxes (if you're feeling wild) and with a few notes about your prefrences in items/colors they'll but together a fun surprise for you at a great price!

After Kate contacted me that I won, I emailed her some suggestions and she shipped out my package SUPER QUICK.

The package was shipped & arrived to me within days. 

Kate listened to all my preferences and I really did feel like the box was customized perfectly!!
She was so nice to talk to as well, and answered emails & messages quickly.

The items I was sent:

Friday, February 5, 2016

Finish 5 By Cinco De Mayo | Update

Holy Moly it's been about 21 days so far!
(21 Days that's a magic number right? If you do something for 21 days straight its supposed to become a habit right? )

We'll it's February 5th and this challenge ends in 3 MONTHS (on May 5th)
I've made pretty good progress, and have lots of faith that I'll be able to finish completely most of these products in 3 months.

Here are a few pictures of progress:

I really don't like this stuff now. It's SO ABRASIVE.
Maybe because I've had it over a year, but ... I don't like the taste & I'll be glad when it's done. But my lips haven't been chapped. That's a plus.

I HIT PAN on the lightest shade!!!  
It wasn't hard, this is a great highlighter too.
My goal for next month is to hit pan on one more shade!!

I can't tell how much I used of this, or how much is left. But I've been using it alot. It's dark grey and I'm not a huge fan.

I didn't take a starter photo of this fully extended, but I have used a lot of this & just might be able to finish it!!


It's hard to tell how much of this was used. But I'd say it went from 3/4 full to 1/2 full.
Using it a TON, and still not prefering it.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Beauty Product Challenge! || FINISH 5 BY CINCO DE MAYO (Project Pan Roulette)

Sometimes things spark my interest and get me all jazzed to try a new product/craft/diy/book/challenge and my body buzzes with ideas and feelings of excitement.... then I don't really do much with the idea, or I talk myself down ("other people are already doing that, and doing it better" or "I'll probably not keep up with that" or "eh,  I'll just watch tv instead") and I've decided I'm gonna try to stop doing that.

Yea. I'm reading Big Magic, right now, by Elizabeth Gilbert... 

I'm gonna stop ignoring that "buzzing" feeling I get when I think of something fun & creative I want to do.  I'm gonna try my best to take more time out for ME and my creative/fun endeavors.   

I got that excited feeling when I watched a youtube video from HeidiKMakeup today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year | Dexoify Your Household Products!! (Free Product offer expires 1/17/16 6pm PST)

This post contains referral links for both our benefit! 

Is one of your New Years resolutions to detoxify your household products?