Saturday, August 3, 2013

FREE photo book with free shipping; Free Groovebook APP

I admit when I heard of this app, GrooveBook that lets you select 100 photos from your phone to be printed into a photo book for only the cost of shipping {$2.99} each month, my first thought was BS.

I was curious but tend to not believe when things sound so easy and cheap.

I can't remember now where I saw this offer originally, possibly a post by someone on facebook.
There was a code for the free month for FREE. Free shipping, just free free.  

I thought, what do I have to loose?

So I downloaded the app and  started choosing 100 photos I'd like in the book, I decided to choose a variety of photos I took including some from instagram to get a feel {if this book ever showed up} what the prints would look like with photos of that size as well.

Choosing the photos was pretty simple - they make it pretty simple to select 100 photo you go through your albums and get 100 green check marks and you can add them to the photos you want, and it also lets you know which ones you haven't selected yet and which ones you've already printed previously.

So I chose my photos and started the upload -- I do admit thinking this part took too long, and I even think I stopped checking on it for awhile {not really knowing if it was working or not} but coming back to it like an hour later and seeing that it gave me my confirmation page that my book was ordered! 

I'm not sure how long it really took to upload.

Cool, I thought. Then I kinda forgot about it.  I figured it would take awhile to get and if it showed it showed, but set an alarm on my phone for a little before a month from then to let me know to cancel my subscription if  a)I didn't receive the book or b)I didn't think it was worth it. {Because BIG FYI: if you sign up, you still have to choose the photos you want each month because you'll be charged the $2.99 each month whether you order the book or not!}

My book came in a little under two weeks!  I got it today, and I'm actually pretty impressed!


I think the photo quality isn't AMAZING, but it's pretty darn good for phone photos! I'd say its a little better than photos I could have printed at home {on my HP photosmart printer, which prints pretty nice photos} and a heck of a lot cheaper too! And come in this bound book with perforated pages for easy removal of the photos.

I think it would make a cute simple photo book, if you decided to leave all the photos together, but I didn't intend to do that so I started taking pictures out to put in some of my photo collage frames around the house and must say once I started taking a few pages out the rest started to fall apart. 
 {so, fyi, either leave them all in or the book wont stay together for long}

This app is pretty new in the app store, but I'd totally recommend it. I think my only thumbsdown is that the app ran kinda slow -- but it all worked out and I'm sure they'll improve that over time!

ALL in all this is a great product and EASY EASY way to get those photos off your phone that you KNOW otherwise will just stay there taking up space on your phone!

I think I'll keep the subscription for awhile! 

I've been meaning to switch out the photos in my multiple photo frames around my home for awhile, but never get to printing anything, ever. This makes it so simple!

I got a code with my order to offer to friends, so you can also try a book out for FREE FREE if you want! Just download the app {iphone & android} and use this code to let them know I sent you!! :