Tuesday, September 10, 2013

$2 snack subscription box! & Possible bonus!

Felt the need to share this amazing deal I just got. I was watch a YouTube vlog and the vlogger had made a "unboxing" video of a subscription snack box she got from LOVE WITH FOOD which I hadn't heard about but looked like the things she got were pretty delish -- and included a snack I had tried before and loved so I was interested right away.. she had a code to give out for $10 off which made the first box {and you can cancel after that} only $2!! Which is seriously a good deal for the amount of things you get. And worth a shot. AND its agreat company that donatesfood to kids with every purchase!
 photo hero_a-8ef8c4147746289a5550bef3406e6906_zpsd7a369df.jpg
SO excited to order that and see what I get -- but as a bonus after I signed up for the "subscription" they gave me a code for $15 to!! {hello, I shop there all the time -- see my Haul with my loot {its a sister site}} I was stoked to head over and see if it worked since I've been a member for a long time and was wondering if it was for new customers only.... nope! It worked I just bought 3 new Method products {all purpose spray, glass cleaner & shower spray} AND some Tom's toothpaste.... FOR FREE {I dont even think I used the full $15}, & I used the code GOCRAZY for free shipping as well. SCORE... and they're super fast so I'll get that stuff tomorrow!!
Not sure if everyone who signs up with LOVE WITH FOOD get's that deal -- but for $2 for the box {and possibly $15 free from} it's worth a shot!!
{DISCLAIMER} I think this LWF code is only good for today & tomorrow.... so hurry!!