Tuesday, September 10, 2013 haul

I haven't been shopping for anything fun lately. But I did order a few things online last week from {which is part of the FAMILYHOOD group of sites like & others} is AMAZING. I love this group of sites and actually order from them often because they do next day {FREE} shipping {like Amazon, but better!} and when you use the code GOCRAZY at check out you get 3 months free {I'm not sure what the price is after that...}
 photo vine_zpsc85b6bcc.jpg
I was seriously low on this dish soap and coconut oil. The closest store that sells Sev Gen is Target 30 min away -- I ordered this around 2pm one afternoon and got it the next day at 3pm. Saved me a trip & used a discount code & free shipping... so worth it. It's the only thing I like to use on Cannon's bottles and my breastpump parts.
The coconut oil I use as a nipple cream & diaper I use a lot of that too.
The lotion? I never tried it... but I used the Baby Bee original soap on C and love the scent on him after baths... we were using unscented Aveno lotion, but wanted to extend the scent. And this lotion smells just like the soap & we love it!
If you're ever interested in using any of these sites & getting 20% off I can earn referal credit if you use the code: SUBL3209 win, win!!
*forgot to mention. is their more natural/healthy branch, but you can pretty much get the same stuff across all sites & order from all sites and they'll go into a mutual shopping cart.

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