Thursday, October 3, 2013

Julep Nail Poish Subscription Box!

I admit I had not heard of this brand before I signed up for this subscription box. I saw a review from a vlogger I watch on youtube and she shared a deal for a free month and I thought - what the hell.
I've since found out these polishes are actually legit {I'm sorry, I'm always skeptical with sub boxes} and sell at Sephora for nearly $15 a bottle! Well, I've never shopped at Sephora.. never had one near me. So I did not know, so after hearing that I was expecting much more.
I got the email that my box shipped the day I signed up and I got the box 8 days after that.
I actually went to get my mail today {we have a PO BOX} and saw that I had a "item too large for box" slip -- which means I needed to pick it up inside the office {which was closed...don't get me started on why my post office "closes" it's office for two hours everyday during the most inconvienient times 11:30-1:} So I walked back home because it was 1:15, ugh, and walked back around 1:45. I had already forgotten about this order and was confused on what package I would of recieved, but when I saw the box that clearly said JULEP.COM on it I was instantly excited!
When you sign up they ask you to take this survey that is supposed to asses your style. In the end they sent me the "Bombshell Started pack" . Not sure if I had a choice in the matter... I know when you are a paid subscriber you can take the quiz but then also change your style they've chose for you if you decide you like another better.
I don't remember if I had an option with the intro box, but I do know I didn't look into it...and didn't have a clue what they were sending me so it was a true surprise.

 photo 20130918_134520_zps1080a399.jpg

And I was pleasantly surprised. I got two polishes, a sample foot scrub and a full size foot lotion! ALL FOR $3.99 I might add!

I do love the polishes: A chunky gold glitter and a bright coral color.
Totally both I would pick out myself.

 photo 20130918_135036_zpsd11fb415.jpg

 photo 20130918_135014_zps1c218616.jpg

I did try them out immediatly, duh. {how cool my too, they just so happen to match the shirt I was wearing!}
And I must say, they are smoooooth. I did two thin layers on each nail and they dried very quickly. I'm normally a Shellac wearer when I wear polish {which has been rare lately, because with a baby I don't really have time to shellac my own nails...} because I'm horrible with being patient and letting my nails dry. I really didn't have a problem with this polish.. it dried very fast. And I feel like the finish is high quality -- like it won't chip easily, of course only time will tell... I will let you know.

 photo 20130918_140406_zps93735ee9.jpg

 photo 20130918_140301_zps9b24c1a2.jpg
I did try the lotion as well. It smells great, like mint and cucumber, I put some on after a shower tonight and it feels night, with just a slight cooling feeling...which is great, I don't like too much.

 photo 20130918_140635_zps31c67dc1.jpg

Over all I'm happy with the whole box... for $3.99 FOR SURE Regular sub price is about $20 a month... now I'm not sure about that. Considering what you get, I would say it IS worth it... especially if these polishes are $15 each in store... but for me where I'm at in life... do I need to be spending $20 per month on high end polishes???
Probably not. Maybe a month here & there as a treat if there are polishes out that I just MUST HAVE... but as a monthly subscription I think I'll put this one on the backburner.
I will rave about the products because if this is something you would love and utilize... if you do change up your polishes often and like to stay on trend...I would say GO FOR THIS BOX, it's so fun to open your mail box to!!

If you do decide you'd like to try this out, YOU TOO, can get your first box for shipping only - $3.99 if you follow this link & use code FREEBOX
GO FOR IT! What do you have to loose?
Since it took me DAYS to get this draft finished, I must say the polish lasted a good 3 days before it really started chipping, which is good for regular polish {with no base or top coat!} The glitter especially was hard to remove. But as a total review I love the polishes, they go on smooth, last a good amount of time, look clean... I WILL get more boxes {I put this next month on "skip" {which I LOVE that you can do without canceling the whole subscription you can skip months when you want to} but think I might get next month's box!