Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our First Citrus Lane Box! 12 Month Boy | toy subscription {get your first one 50% off!}

I've been wanting to try this subscription for awhile. I know I love the subscriptions that I've participated in for myself recently and thought this would be a super fun one for Cannon {&me} :)
My brother & soon-to-be SIL bought Cannon a 2month trial for his birthday.
Which I think should be a good test to see if we enjoy it and want to keep it up.
We got the first package yesterday. I had been waiting & waiting. ... they sent me a tracking number.. but it NEVER got updated & didn't even say a definite expected delivery date. But I was FOR SURE it would be here by yesterday & it was!
I ran get the mail after Cannon fell asleep for his nap & ended up napping a LONG time, I wanted to wake him up so bad!! LOL
But he eventually did wake up, with some massive bedhead.
enter image description here
enter image description here
The box has these cute little cut-outs each month that older kids can have fun with :)enter image description here
The first thing we saw was this cute book. It has thick pages and feels very durable. Cannon seems to like it & we've read it multiple times. It has great illustrations too.
enter image description here
enter image description here
Cute little plateenter image description here
The most fun thing.. cute little wooden carenter image description here
A trial size of dish liquid I think this would of been awesome on pump parts, but I'm done with those! I did try this on the bottles & sippy cups and seemed to do a great job.enter image description here
It also came with a coupon code for a website I've never heard of:enter image description here
If you buy the box by the month it's $29. [cheaper if you buy in 3,6,9,12 months increments.}
I've went on the products websites & checked prices and this boxes value only totaled $30.98 Which is still cheaper, but hardly at all. So for getting a deal... not really {It actually would be cheaper to get it all on Amazon: $28.70 :/} But it's still worth for the products & super fun to get SURPRISE in the mail!
$30.98 Book: $7.99 {$7.19 Amazon} Car: $15.00 {$13.52 Amazon} Plate: $6.00 Travel Dish liquid {$1.99 Amazon}
I'm hoping next month's is a bigger deal...

If you got this box for $10 that would be cool!! And you can cancel if you decide to not I think it's worth a shot.
Get your baby/child a fun little surprise in the mail for $10 ;)
You can see a video of us opening this box here: