Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Citrus Lane box | 14 Month old Boy

Love our box this month! And it came on time & didn't get lost in the mail! Yay!!

I found all the items to be age appropriate or very helpful for me!

You can get your first box 1/2 off if you follow this link!!
{credit applied after you've signed up & during check out}

Total box this month was worth: $32.82!

You are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books $8.09

Hape Push Pull Elephant $13.99

CleanWell Hand sanitizing wipes $5.49

Medi Buddy $5.25

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 Free Bath and Body Works handsoaps! No Purchase necessary!


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Goodbye Julep Maven! Terms of Service have changed!

I had a good run with Julep nailpolish subscription.
I really did enjoy the polishes, I found them high quality and the many colors!!
alt text
But alast, there is only so much nail polish {and I'm not in need of more makeup} that one can purchase in a year. Especially this season of my life, I don't even get to paint my nails all that often.
I canceled my subscription today. It was super easy just called their # and got through right way, the lady was super nice.
I could of just skipped this month, and continued to skip until I wanted to purchase again. BUT, although I still have that ability, their terms of service changed at the beginning of this year & new members no longer get that benefit. They have I think 2 skips per year, and they have to earn them by purchasing so many boxes in a row.
alt text
I couldn't continue recommending this service to my friends under those terms.
Oh well. If YOU love nail polish enough to purchase a subscription box at $20 a month that then this would be awesome for you. And no matter what the FIRST FREE box is worth giving it a shot {& it's super easy to cancel}
If you'd like to try the free box my friend Rhonda can hook you up
I did get my February as my final box..
alt text
And do like the colors! I think they're great for spring!
Princess Gracealt text
Lizannealt text
Margaretalt text
Farewell, Julep! It's been fun being a Maven!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I really think of Citrus Lane | February 2014 box

I made a video unboxing of our March box.

I do have to say though I don't think it was age appropriate...BUT I also don't think it was CL's fault. This box was sent to us as a replacement for the first box they sent us that we never received.  I think this was a little off because of that.  Even so, I liked all the items in this box and feel like it was a MUCH better value that last months!

Cannon still LOVES the shredded paper the most - it makes a mess, but it's a happy mess!

You can follow my referal link to get 50% off your first box!  Now that is a steal!! You can't lose!

You can also send a subscription as a gift & I just heard they came out with a "baby on the way" box!

March 2014 ipsy Glambag | Show & Tell

Always so exciting to get that hot pink mailer in the PO box!!
I feel like I got my bag really EARLY this month. I hadn't even gotten my tracking code email yet, but did end up getting it the evening I had received my bag!

Love surprises!!

I'm really really REALLY loving this subscription. I feel like at $10 per month it's justifiable. I don't shop a lot for myself and this brings me joy & I'm also kinda clueless {I'm getting better} on make up & the brands out there. So, this is really fun to receive make up & products that I've never heard of and wouldn't of tried otherwise because I'm finding some products that I really do love!! Like Benefit & iceSkyn in past bags!

I had gotten the mail & couldn't wait to open the packages {I had gotten my March Groovebook as well, I'll post about that separately}.  So I just checked them out while in the pick-up like at my kids school :)

I thought about making an "unboxing" video on youtube like I did last month. But I haven't been feeling it.

Here are my initial unbagging pictures!

My first thought on the bag are:
I like the feel, the vinyl feels nice & smooth & I love that they'll be featuring art inspired patterns.
BUT, This artwork, I'm just not a superfan of.  It's seems to kid-artish.

I'll be keeping my febbag {plain pink with white zipper} in my purse this month too.

The first thing I pulled out was this {tiny} BareMinerals lipstick sample. 

The color is "Get Ready" and I'd describe it as a Mauvy pink.

I'm so picky on lipsticks - actually I never wear lipstick, usually just gloss {&never read or dark pink}. And although I've heard this brand was great & would love to try ANYTHING else from them - this lipstick will not get worn by me.

{it's not too bright, but too dark pink}

I just don't like the look of bright lipstick on ME, so this is just not happening. I keep rating the bright colors they send me really low, but I think I'll just suggest NO MORE lip sticks. I'm getting quite the stash of colors I'll never use & won't even let my daughter play with!

I might check out the website though, because they also gave me a free shipping code {& offer for free mascara sample - which I'm sure will be tiny too}

I was excited to see this pix! primer though! This is a brand I've been wanting to try & primer is always useful!

Then there was this NYX eyeshadow trio
I've also not used this brand before either. I think it's a cheaper brand. The shadows feel cheap, but a little better that e.l.f. {which is also cheap & love them for many things, but eyeshadow is NOT one of them!}

& It has a cute bow on the closure :)

Then I pull out this Chella eyeliner pen. I've heard about this brand just recently & heard it was good.

This is in Indigo Blue... which I'm no stranger to fun eye colors so this will but a nice addition to my 

I even swiped it on my eyes in the car {no pic} and loved the smooth application & color every much!
& also love the applicator tip, it's feels like a felt tip marker.

So I'm happy with this bag all in all, there is a big enough value in the items I'll use for me to cosider this worth $10shipped :)

Join me and get an ipsy GLAMBAG!