Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodbye Julep Maven! Terms of Service have changed!

I had a good run with Julep nailpolish subscription.
I really did enjoy the polishes, I found them high quality and the many colors!!
alt text
But alast, there is only so much nail polish {and I'm not in need of more makeup} that one can purchase in a year. Especially this season of my life, I don't even get to paint my nails all that often.
I canceled my subscription today. It was super easy just called their # and got through right way, the lady was super nice.
I could of just skipped this month, and continued to skip until I wanted to purchase again. BUT, although I still have that ability, their terms of service changed at the beginning of this year & new members no longer get that benefit. They have I think 2 skips per year, and they have to earn them by purchasing so many boxes in a row.
alt text
I couldn't continue recommending this service to my friends under those terms.
Oh well. If YOU love nail polish enough to purchase a subscription box at $20 a month that then this would be awesome for you. And no matter what the FIRST FREE box is worth giving it a shot {& it's super easy to cancel}
If you'd like to try the free box my friend Rhonda can hook you up
I did get my February as my final box..
alt text
And do like the colors! I think they're great for spring!
Princess Gracealt text
Lizannealt text
Margaretalt text
Farewell, Julep! It's been fun being a Maven!