Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014 | Citrus Lane vs. Bluum Box

We've been getting Citrus Lane for a few months now & this was our first month receiving Bluum Box!!

This is not a sponsored post, I've paid for all of these boxes. I did get this first Bluum Box 1/2 off from following a friends link!

They're both simialr in that you can personalize them with the age & gender {or go gender neutral} of your child.  They both were delivered {to me} through Fed Ex → USPS.

My boxes were geared toward a 16 Month Old Boy

Citrus Lane Came first:


  Blumm about a week later:


Citrus Lane is $29/month
Bluum is $24.95/ month

And both are cheaper if you buy more than one month at a time.

Honestly I've gotten around 6 Citrus Lane boxes so far, they ebb & flow with the values. I've ejoyed everything we've gotten but haven't always felt like the value was there. And this first Bluum Box blew me away. I was impressed.

I feel like they both are worth trying out for sure. Especially since you can get both of them for 1/2 off your first box to try them out!

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Get Bluum Box 50% off:   CLICK HERE