Monday, June 30, 2014

Little Passports - World Adventure (Our FIRST package!)

I've been interested in this company for awhile, I love getting subscriptions & was looking for a fun educational one for my kids this summer.

I was fortunate enough to try this line out for Free.
I decided to test out the WORLD EDITION for my 10 year old daughter.

Little Passports is fun way for your kiddos to learn alittle geography, history, culture and languages in a fun and meorable way! Your kids will get MAIL every month from Sam & Sofia documenting their travels!

Getting fun *snail mail* these days is hard to come by and this is fun way to give some to your kids all while they're learning more about our world!

We received our first package about a month after signing up.

Everything in the initial package comes in this cute {and great quality!} suitcase.
And comes with an awesome passport for your kids to collect stickers from their adventures!

The USA EDITION & the WORLD EDITION both come initial items to help you follow Same & Sofia's journey.

After the first shipment you'll just receive letters, stickers, activities and info on all of Sam & Sofia's adventures, which will all fit neatly into your suitcase!

Inside we got:

Summer time = fun and lots of it! With Little Passports! Now is the perfect time Sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription (USA or World Edition) for just $13.95! Take your kids and their friends on a world adventure or trip around the USA, without ever leaving home. The best part is that your little ones will have so much fun diving into the educational activities that they won't even know they are learning...something parents will appreciate. Get inspired with a subscription today and you and your family will begin a journey of learning and excitement all summer long.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


So I've become quite the LOVER or subscriptions boxes.  

I love getting Citrus Lane & Bluum Box for my toddler, I'm super excited to get Little Passports for my 10yr old daughter, I've loved IPSY make up bag for a long time, & get LOVE WITH FOOD for snacks! 

So I'm always super excited when I learn about new kinds.

I remember hearing about Darby Smart first from a youtube channel I subscribe to.  It looked so interesting!  
Have you ever pinned a craft to pinterest and went to recreate the pin at home only to realize you don't really have all the correct supplies or the instructions on how to make the perfect craft in the picture are too vague or non-existent {I like to call these dead-end pins!}

Darby Smart's ever-growing craft collection probably has what you need!

They have tons of crafts listed, and they send you ALL THE SUPPLIES you need to create them, and step-by-step instructions so you won't have a Pinterest Fail!

You can go to their site and search though lots of different crafts ranging from $12 -$99 or you can opt of their To DIY For subcription box!

$19/month will get you a surprise craft each month with ALL the tools you need & step by step instructions to create something amazing :)

I got my first box this month & was delighted to see there was not just one, but two fun crafts to try out!

Check out my youtube video rambling ALL ABOUT IT!

An upcycled t-shirt headband (hello, I actually HAVE this pinned on my board!)

And & Raw Stone Bangle

They were both SUPER EASY to create and turned out beautiful!

Darby Smart gave me an exclusive discount code to give to my readers
So if you're interested this code is good for $10 off $19 or more (so, get your first mystery box for $9!- or use on any of their projects!)  with the code MAKEIT10
(good through June 26th at midnight)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Little Passports Adventure!

I've teamed up with Little Passports and will soon be going on the WORLD EDITION travels with Kendall, my almost-10 year old! I'm so excited!

I seen this company around for a while (I remember seeing ads in the back of magazines for a while now) and I've always thought it was a really interesting program! For some reason I thought it would be super expensive but looking into it more it's only around $11/month (if you sing up for the year) and that is reasonable! Or $13.95/ month if you'd like to go month to month!

Little Passports World Edition: 1 month at $11.95/month (plus $2 shipping)

I'm getting a subscription box for my toddler (toys & care products through Citrus Lane & Bluum)
And a couple for me (make-up & face care through Ipsy & about to try Darby Smart crafts!)

So, I was really excited to find one that I think my daughter would be interested in!

I'll post about it as soon as we get our first package, which should be any day now!

They're sending us our first month for Free to review, but I'll continue the subscription on my own if we really love it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fourth of July Handprint shirts | Red White & Blue!

I saw this idea on Pinterest, it looked super easy & I had the supplies all I need were some cheap white shirts & we made our first craft in a long time & It was SO EASY!

Original Pin I saw

All you'll need

  • Freezer Paper (or wax paper?)
  • Fabric Paint (red & blue)
  • White shirts
  • red white & blue beads (optional)
{along with some scissors, and iron & maybe some glitter}

Place sheets of freezer paper shiny side UP inside your unpainted shirts, then iron the shirts for a few seconds on high, this is slightly stick the paper to the inside of the shirt & protect any paint from seeping through to the back to the shirt.  Ironing also helps smooth out your shirt for an optimal painting surface!

(My 10 year old daughter's shirt)

Once the paper is ironed to the inside, we're ready to paint!

We decide where we want the handprint & with a sponge apply blue fabric paint to my daughter's hand

I asked my daughter if she wanted to freehand her red stripesor if she wanted me to make a stencil and she said she'd rather have a stencil. I got the idea from Deceptively Educational. So I made her a stencil with freezer paper, it was super easy and turned out great!

I made her a stencil

I carefully ironed on the stencil, shiney side down on the shirt

Then she easily painted the red lines

She wanted a sparkly handprint, so we tired to add a little fine glitter, not knowing if it would last or not)

Turned out cute!

For my Toddler I wanted to got with a more "messy" look so I hand painted the lines, purposely fading them out at the ends.


I had a white pair of leggings for my toddler & decided to jazz them up.
I used a star punch and and wax paper. Ironed the stars shiny side down and painted over them!

I ended up making his tee a muscle tank because the shirt I bought him was bit snug

Then I made a shirt for me , I need all my kids in on this, even my 12 year old son, even though crafts are teh LAST thing he ever wants to do :) But I couldn't leave him out.
I choose to design the shirt a bit different for me because I wanted my kids handprints and I wanted them over my heart (I know, awww) and so I chose to make my "flag" vertical.

I apparently didn't get a single pic of this in progress?
Must of been to busy keeping painted 17-month old hands off of things...


I also found this pin on pinterest (but couldn't find the source!)

So we took inspiration and jazzed up my daughter's shirt with fringe/beads

I cut the slits in the shirt for her, but she decided the bead pattern added all those beads!
It took a while but was done during a couple episodes of Jessie on Disney :)

We've yet to decide if we're going to cut the neckline yet.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

$9/shipped Box full of kids toys & products!

Citrus Lane has an awesome code out right now in honor of Fathers Day.
$20 off any subscription, even one box! Making your first box $9!!

Too good of a deal to pass up!

Click HERE (referral link) & use code FATHERSDAY20 at check out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Influenster TLC VoxBox for Moms!

I LOVE this company.
It's SO EASY to be a part of and ANYONE can join - even men!

They send you a box full of products FOR FREE and just ask that you review and tell your friends about them! You can also take it further to share via social media & participate in brand challenges to win even MORE great products!

It's win, win. Completely free and awesome -- so have you signed up yet?

All you have to do is take a few lifestyle surveys so they can get to know you better and they try to align you with the right box for YOU. They have boxes going out constantly but what you'll qualify for is a mystery!

I recently qualified for, and received their TLC VoxBox for moms!

This was a box packed full of helpful products for the MOMLIFE!

Ivory Soap Bar

Shell Fuel Saver Card

Coupon for FREE Bryer's Gelato!

NeoSporin + Pain to Go for KIDS!!
This WILL be used this summer - I have a 17 month old that likes to run {and fall} a lot!

Travel size Puffs Plus Lotion tissues

Avon ANEW Reversalist Wrinkle Smoother!

I've tried the Anew Wrinkle Smoother this morning & was impressed with the coverage of my forehead wrinkles! And it seems to help my make up go on smoother too!
This also says it can be used over moisturizer & over makeup!  Super excited about this one, this mom is getting wrinkles - oh joy!

And Ivory has SO MANY USES!

Thanks again Influenster!! I'll continue to use ALL these products and leave feedback!