Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Little Passports Adventure!

I've teamed up with Little Passports and will soon be going on the WORLD EDITION travels with Kendall, my almost-10 year old! I'm so excited!

I seen this company around for a while (I remember seeing ads in the back of magazines for a while now) and I've always thought it was a really interesting program! For some reason I thought it would be super expensive but looking into it more it's only around $11/month (if you sing up for the year) and that is reasonable! Or $13.95/ month if you'd like to go month to month!

Little Passports World Edition: 1 month at $11.95/month (plus $2 shipping)

I'm getting a subscription box for my toddler (toys & care products through Citrus Lane & Bluum)
And a couple for me (make-up & face care through Ipsy & about to try Darby Smart crafts!)

So, I was really excited to find one that I think my daughter would be interested in!

I'll post about it as soon as we get our first package, which should be any day now!

They're sending us our first month for Free to review, but I'll continue the subscription on my own if we really love it!