Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Caltrate Calcium + Vitamin D3 supplements are actually delish!

I was fortunate enough to qualify for the Smiley360 Mission for Caltrate supplements.  I received a few sample packages for free to test out & I'm impressed.

I've seen commercials & heard ads for Caltrate for years and always thought of it as something old people take.

Well, guess what, I guess I'm old now - at 32. Because I've found myself needed Calcium & Vitamin D supplements.  These fruit flavored chewables make taking my vitamins easy & enjoyable. They taste delicious!

I especially am deficient in Vit D in the winter - as most of us are, and it really affects my mood, so I'm super happy I found something to help me out with that!

Follow this link for $2 coupon to get your own bottle!