Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best Toddler Citrus Lane Subscription Box Yet! ||20 month old boy||

I'm pretty sure I just got the best Citrus Lane box yet!
*this is 
not a paid or sponsored post, although it sounds like it because I just love CL!*

I've been getting Citrus Lane since January 2014 {so, 9 months now}  I haven't ever been REALLY disappointed,  I understand that I'm willingly paying for a box full of toys/child supplies & I have NO IDEA what they'll be.  Looking at the Citrus Lane Facebook wall of customer comments, you'd think they're (CL) supposed to be mind readers and send you EXACTLY what you were hoping for. But I know it's a crapshoot. And although I've received some items I didn't need because I already had similar, or items I just didn't think I'd use {most, I did end up using after all}  I can still say after 9 months, I LOVE CITRUS LANE!

Also every box I've received has been AT or above retail price. So there is that. Although I haven't spend "full price" for a single box because of their awesome coupon deals.

Today Cannon received his 20 month boy box. {you get to choose the gender or neutral & they go by your childs age :)}

I feel like this box not only exceeded retail value, but also met my personal value estimation of the product {you know what I mean, $20 for a plastic car... maybe you think so but I don't....}

 In our September 2014 box we got:

Tea Collection Long Sleeve tee $24.50

Perfect shirt, fits our style. (I mean, also just received these three shirts in the mail today, perfect.)

Boon Links Foam Bath Pieces $11.99

I just LOVE Boon. A company I found through Citrus Lane & we know have their awesome bath toy storage frog, water bugs bath toys, these bath appliques, and these bath appliques.

Bumkins Reusable Snach bag $4.95

This was a "choose your item" selection that  monthly members get {most people get to choose ONE item in their box that they can choose the style.} and I did choose this. Honestly I wasn't thrilled to be getting another snack bag, I've bought some through the CL add-to-box store before & have some other.... BUT, this is a size I don't have and I KNOW I'll be using this!

Ouchies Mr. Men bandages $5

Now that Cannon is 20 months, and pretty much has only one speed: running.  We've need bandages on more than one occasion and I KEEP forgetting to buy them, just last Friday there were on my shopping list and I forgot to pick them up!  So these couldn't of came at a more perfect time -- and Hello! They're adorable! & In a sturdy tin case!

&! Something I'm most excited about -- is an offer {I don't think everyone got this} to give a friend a FREE BOX.  That really makes me excited ,because ,what a fun gift!  I don't know who I'll choose yet but I'm so thankful for that offer!

Maybe I'll do a giveaway?  IDK it expires October 15... I'll have to think about it ;)

$46.44 value! Their subscriptions boxes are $29/month. I only paid $15
(you could get a box half off & only pay $15 for ALL THIS SHIPPED if you follow my referal link!! ;)) I'll get a store credit & you'll get a 1/2 off box of fun surprises for you child waiting at your doorstep next month!