Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sly Fox Threads | Favorite Indie Clothing shops

One of the first shops we found through Instagram is probably Sly Fox Threads.
I feel in love with their tribal looking stuff {have ALWAYS been a fan - must be the American Indian in me }

They had a 50% off sale (some of these shops can be expensive - but they awlays have sales!)

I probably found SLY FOX THREADS because Cannon was so in love with the WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY song that I probably found them through a search {We also loved the fox line at Old Navy last fall & he was fox for Halloween}

I scored this hoodie through an insta-sale.

I'm not sure they make this hoodie still, but we're actually STILL wearing it. I think it might of been 18-24 and we got hit when he was 12ish months.  SO now at 21 months it's *just* starting to get a little small on him. SADDAY.  It's been one of our most favs!

Shortly after we bought this hoodie, they had a 50% sale & I scored this cute shirt & leggings:

Young And Free Tee

One of our most fav outfits! The baby leggings seemed so comfy. After size 2 they come more fitted, we've since ordered ANOTHER pair of these same leggings & they're more like tight leggings, but we're still loving this design so much!

Wild One Leggings

The shirt we're still rockin'!  

Playing in, getting dirty in, it's been through a lot & still looks fabulous!

They've grown so much since we've first found them & added so many cute things, with new releases coming out every seaons. Sly Fox Threads is an indie shop you'll fall in love with too!

They have clothing for all ages, men & woman too!

Here is my current wishlist: