Sunday, October 26, 2014

TieDye Jack-o-Lantern shirts!

We originally saw this craft in a Family Fun magazin back in 2008.

This is a photo of my older kids {now 10 & 12} when we first made them and they were 4 & 6!  I couldn't find a pic of them BOTH in the shirts. 

The shirts we made in 2008:

Six years later & my daughter thinks she can still fit into hers :D

This fun, festive shirt couldn't be more simple to make.  Here are step by step instructions,

What you'll need.
-White shirts, can be old ones with stains a great way to repurpose!
-Orange cloth dye - RIT works well and is cheap.
- Rubber Bands
Cheap on Amazon!
- Black fabric marker, PermanentSsharpie will work too.

1. Get your white shirt & rubber bands together.
Decide if you want one big pumpkin in the middle of the shirt or many little ones - customize to you liking.

Pinch a small bit of the fabric the smaller the smaller circle you will get.
(the white ring will be left where the rubber band is wrapped)
Wrap the rubberband tight around the fabric.

I bought this big bottle of Sunshine Yellow RIT.  Directions said to use half the bottle in 3 gallons of hot water.

Place shirt in bucket (or sink)  and make sure the shirt is completely submerged.

 Follow directions on your dye. Mine was to soak for an hour. Also to stir often to make sure the color is evenly distributed.

After soaking the dye needs to be rinsed off. 

Remove rubber bands 

Wash according to dye instructions.

Then dry.  Once dry you're ready to add the Jack-O-Lantern faces!

We used a fabric marker.
MAKE SURE to add cardboard or paper as a barrier inside the shirt so you don't bleed the marker through to the back.

We also added some bat stamps.

And green pumpkin stems with fabric paint.

  Our finished product
{NOTE} Our colors ended up a little uneven because instead of stirring the fabric while it soaked... we went outside to play. We like the look we ended up with, but if you'd like a more even orange -- remember to STIR! :)