Saturday, January 31, 2015

Doodle Crate | A great craft subscription box!

We just got our second subscription box from Doodle Crate & I'm really impressed!

Doodle Crate is a monthly subscription that sends you a box full of supplies to do a surprise craft, this box is geared toward 'tween/teen girls.  But in all honestly, I'm finding these crafts fun for mom too! :D

We got our first box $10 off by following a referral link {here is mine if you'd like to do the same} but their monthly price is only $19.95/shipped and you get ALL the supplies you'll need to make an awesome craft!

I was looking for a great subscription I could get my daughter, who is 10 and this is perfect!

She loves crafts and these two boxes have just been great!  I got her first box in Dec and gave it to her for Christmas.

I joined in the month-by-month plan so I can get a feel for how the boxes are before I committed to a longer subscription where I could save some $$.  If you buy 6 months at a time you can pay $18.50/box and if you buy 12 you only have to pay $16.50/box.

I'm giving it a few more months, I like to get a feel for the customer service & fast shipping is which are important to me.

I must say not impressed with the shipping so far.  I'm so not a fan of FED EX POST, they're so slow. But my box DID get to me within the month {albeit, the last day of the month}, but I have hope that this improves. It did with Citrus Lane, and it just seems to be getting better & better over time (the longer you're a member, the higher up on the shipping list you go maybe?) I don't know, but I DO KNOW we LOVE THIS BOX!

The box we got in December was a Paint-Your-Own pouches craft, It came with paint, yarn, two size bags {one great for makeup and one great for pencils!}, and tape to tape off shapes if you wanted to design your bag that way. Kendall chose to freehand hers.

And just today {Jan 31} we received our January box which was Stamp Making!

This one was fun for both of us! There was enough supplies for me to join & it was very fun!

The instructions couldn't be easier to follow & they had a video we could watch.

K made a few designs off the template they sent

I did a freehand, and LOVE it!

Can't wait to see what fun is in store for us in February!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A whole year of Citrus Lane!

What does a whole year of Citrus Lane look like?

Kinda like this:

only, that isn't all... this isn't including the awesome bath products, mealtime utensils & dishes, snacks, mom samples & coupons!

We've been going strong since January 2013 and still LOVE Citrus Lane so much!  Some months blow me away more than others, but the pure fun on receiving a box full of surprises each month for me and my little makes it all worth it -- p.s. & yes I save all those boxes.. because they're great for storing my older kids old school papers in & other stuffs...

I feel like each month CL got it "right" for with things that are age appropriate {I have him listed as his true bday, you can change it if you feel that would work best for your child} and I have choosed to get the "boy" themed box, but you can also get "girl" or "gender neutral"

Some of our MOST favorite things have been the wooden toys, and Green Toys brand stuff, oh and all the books, and the silicon dishware, and the organic snacks, and the puzzles..... yea, Citrus Lane is good stuff!!

I post pictures each month of what we got on Instagram @sublimejen and also tagged with #sublimejenCitrusLane check it out!!

I can't see us canceling anytime soon so join us & getting a fun surprise each month!!

Follow my referral link and get 50% your first month and I'll get store credit.

Oh!! Speaking of the STORE, CL also has an exclusive store where you can shop the brands they love & they're also sending you lots of coupons & even a free gift code every month or two worth $5, $10, or $15... I've gotten $15 multiple times & have gotten some really nice things on top of the monthly box, they also let you add things from their shop each month  "add to the box" style and they'll ship it with your box at no extra shipping!!!  

Any questions?  I  feel like I'm a Citrus Lane expert now, let me know if you have an questions I can answer!

*This post is in NO WAY sponsored or paid for or asked for or compensated by Citrus Lane AT ALL.
I just love the company :)  I'm passionate about the things I like & want to share!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

What I thought of Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eyeliner | Influenster

Last month I recieved the Influenster Frosty VoxBox, filled with a bunch of random goodies.
Influenster is totally FREE to join and they send products for FREE to try out, never pay shipping or anything!

My most fav item has to be this product from Rimmel.

Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner.  I received it in BLACK.

I've used Rimmel before, not  this specific item, but I've always liked the brand.

I'm a big fan of black eyeliner. And was super excited to try this one.

I must say when my pencil arrived broken, I was a little bummed,

 but it was FREE and it is still totally usable so I got over it.

This pencil is the only one I've been using since and I must say I LOVE it.
It really is deep dark black {my fave} and it goes on so easily & smooth.

That is a BIG MUST for eyeliner for me, I need it to go on smooth, not dry or rough. This one was perfect.  It lasts all day for me {with some reapplying needed on the waterline} and it never smudged.

It also came off easily with the Rimmel Eye MakeUp Remover {that I also got in the VoxBox!}

So I will be repurchasing this. At $4.49 that is TOTALLY in my budget!
I even want to try all the bold colors! I love the way this pencil applies!

Here are a few pictures of how I like to wear my liner. Not too heavy, but I like it to stand out a bit.

Have you tried any Rimmel ScandalEyes products before? What is your favorite eyeliner?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Influenster's Frosty VoxBox | Free Goodies!

I was lucky enough to be picked for Influenster's Winter 2014 VoxBox.  The FROSTY VOX BOX!
To me this box doesn't have a "theme" but just full of random stuff to try out, which I actually don't mind.  Here is what was in the box!

Suprisingly, I haven't tried any of these products before so I'm excited to have been sent these for FREE to share my experience on.
I did a video unboxing, which you can find HERE on my YouTube Page.

 No7 Protect & Perfect face Serum  - I have used this, just to see what it felt like. It went on smooth & felt nice on my skin, left my skin soft.  I used it all in one time because I didn't feel like saving this packet. - This size sample for this kind of product is not sufficient to be able to really give a good review. It also didn't intrigue me enough {even with the $2 off coupon it came with} to go buy a full size for $22.99

Not a huge fan of the color on me, but not out of the realm of something I might wear eventually.
Goes on smooth, and shiny.

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea
I don't drink tea very often, but this did sound good.  This came with 2 tea bags, and I did try one on Christmas Eve - after the kids went to bed and I was waiting for Santa.  It's actually really good.  Just the right amount of peppermint flavor.

EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Brush  I've been using this on dry hair before I straighten and it's working just fine. I like that the bristles are far apart, it works well with my thick, wavy hair.  I love the design/look of this brush, especially the wooden handle.

McCormick Gourmet Dried Thyme
Always good to have on hand.  I've used McCormick brand before & thing their spices are great.
I've since used this in a Crock Pot Stew recipe for Beef Stew and it worked wonderfully.
I love their jar style & that it's made of glass.

Rimmel Eye Make Up Remover
Excited this was full size!  I never used this before.
I've since used it once & it seems to do the trick! And it is very gentle.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Eyeliner - Black
I LOVE this product, never used this one before but I've been using it since I received it and I like it alot, it's really dark, goes on really smooth and seems to last all day.  Bummed mine came broken, but I'm still using it & would love to try some of the other colors like Turquois, Silver & Purple!

RedVine's Fruit Vines - Cherry
I'm a super fan of Red Vines licorice so I was super excited to try these!
I've since ate the whole bag :)  They're soft & delicious and the perfect amount of cherry flavor. Yum! I'll be repurchasing these!

  All in all this was a fun surprise!!
I can't complain, really, these were all sent to me COMPLETELY free of charge with no strings attatched!!! I love Influenster, I've gotten to try out so many new things through this company.

It's totally free to sign up, so I'd recommend every do it!