Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A whole year of Citrus Lane!

What does a whole year of Citrus Lane look like?

Kinda like this:

only, that isn't all... this isn't including the awesome bath products, mealtime utensils & dishes, snacks, mom samples & coupons!

We've been going strong since January 2013 and still LOVE Citrus Lane so much!  Some months blow me away more than others, but the pure fun on receiving a box full of surprises each month for me and my little makes it all worth it -- p.s. & yes I save all those boxes.. because they're great for storing my older kids old school papers in & other stuffs...

I feel like each month CL got it "right" for with things that are age appropriate {I have him listed as his true bday, you can change it if you feel that would work best for your child} and I have choosed to get the "boy" themed box, but you can also get "girl" or "gender neutral"

Some of our MOST favorite things have been the wooden toys, and Green Toys brand stuff, oh and all the books, and the silicon dishware, and the organic snacks, and the puzzles..... yea, Citrus Lane is good stuff!!

I post pictures each month of what we got on Instagram @sublimejen and also tagged with #sublimejenCitrusLane check it out!!

I can't see us canceling anytime soon so join us & getting a fun surprise each month!!

Follow my referral link and get 50% your first month and I'll get store credit.

Oh!! Speaking of the STORE, CL also has an exclusive store where you can shop the brands they love & they're also sending you lots of coupons & even a free gift code every month or two worth $5, $10, or $15... I've gotten $15 multiple times & have gotten some really nice things on top of the monthly box, they also let you add things from their shop each month  "add to the box" style and they'll ship it with your box at no extra shipping!!!  

Any questions?  I  feel like I'm a Citrus Lane expert now, let me know if you have an questions I can answer!

*This post is in NO WAY sponsored or paid for or asked for or compensated by Citrus Lane AT ALL.
I just love the company :)  I'm passionate about the things I like & want to share!!