Saturday, January 31, 2015

Doodle Crate | A great craft subscription box!

We just got our second subscription box from Doodle Crate & I'm really impressed!

Doodle Crate is a monthly subscription that sends you a box full of supplies to do a surprise craft, this box is geared toward 'tween/teen girls.  But in all honestly, I'm finding these crafts fun for mom too! :D

We got our first box $10 off by following a referral link {here is mine if you'd like to do the same} but their monthly price is only $19.95/shipped and you get ALL the supplies you'll need to make an awesome craft!

I was looking for a great subscription I could get my daughter, who is 10 and this is perfect!

She loves crafts and these two boxes have just been great!  I got her first box in Dec and gave it to her for Christmas.

I joined in the month-by-month plan so I can get a feel for how the boxes are before I committed to a longer subscription where I could save some $$.  If you buy 6 months at a time you can pay $18.50/box and if you buy 12 you only have to pay $16.50/box.

I'm giving it a few more months, I like to get a feel for the customer service & fast shipping is which are important to me.

I must say not impressed with the shipping so far.  I'm so not a fan of FED EX POST, they're so slow. But my box DID get to me within the month {albeit, the last day of the month}, but I have hope that this improves. It did with Citrus Lane, and it just seems to be getting better & better over time (the longer you're a member, the higher up on the shipping list you go maybe?) I don't know, but I DO KNOW we LOVE THIS BOX!

The box we got in December was a Paint-Your-Own pouches craft, It came with paint, yarn, two size bags {one great for makeup and one great for pencils!}, and tape to tape off shapes if you wanted to design your bag that way. Kendall chose to freehand hers.

And just today {Jan 31} we received our January box which was Stamp Making!

This one was fun for both of us! There was enough supplies for me to join & it was very fun!

The instructions couldn't be easier to follow & they had a video we could watch.

K made a few designs off the template they sent

I did a freehand, and LOVE it!

Can't wait to see what fun is in store for us in February!!