Monday, February 9, 2015

Me and My Two-Year-Old's FAVORITE THINGS | January 2015

I tried to make a YouTube video with our Jan favs on my Sublime Jen YT Channel.. and videos are such a headache for me to make :(  I love love looking back on them, but my camera quality sucks, I think it's filming then and find out when I go to edit it wasn't, or the sound is horrible... or Cannon is making SUPER loud background noise.

So I just don't think it's do-able for me. I take a bazillion pictures (and video) but sitting down to do face-to-camera YT videos -- I suck at it.

I do still like documenting what we're loving each month, so I'm gonna share via blog instead.

Here are a few still shots for the video-that-will-never-be  to prove I did in fact try.

I LOVE LOVE looking back on the monthly lists of our favorite things. I'm finding filming & editing to be something I can't find the time for (or don't want to find the time for I guess)  Taking pictures and typing at my leisure takes MUCH LESS time, and it don't do YouTube for the views (although I LOVE getting comments & feedback) so I may not get any "views" on the blog either, but I'll have this documented for me.

I still take tons of video, because those are amazing to watch, but when they'll get put together & put on YT (if ever), I don't know. They'll be on my family video channel.


Young Living Oils!

- This is big.  I took the leap in joing YL, and honestly using EO for the first time EVER in January.  January 1 to be exact.  I JUST wanted the difuser and want Lavender and wanted to replace my candles with something more natural & healthy for my family to breathe.

I've enjoyed the scent benefits SO MUCH. But have been amazed all the other things I've been using oils for! I've learned so MUCH from my "team" and the FB group I've joined.

Oils amaze me more & more each day.

Read my First Month With Young Living post to learn more!

Glass drinkware

I've been wanting a LifeFactory water bottle for a long time (still do) but they're so expensive!!
I found one similar at Gordmans and scooped it up. This is perfect for water all day, I don't have to worry about plastic chemicals leaching (except for the cap is plastic, and I'm not sure if it's BPA free :/)  For now until I can bring myself to purchase LF this will do.  I love drinking water with Lemon Oil in it & because of the acidity that can not be put in plastic. This is perfect.

Also another glass found at Gordmans -

A glass tumbler (came with a plastic cap & straw, I replaced with a stainless steel straw I had).  This is so cute! I LOVE the pink ombre color {hello, look at my hair!} and it was only $2.99!  I think I need to go get more!

LifeFactory 9oz bottles

Now, I can't bring my self to buy a 22oz for $25 for myself, I DID purchase 3 9oz bottles through the Citrus Lane shop for my kids.  CL had an awesome sale for subscribers - $20 off a $60 purchase.  I also had a $20 credit, so I got three bottles ($14.95 each), a pack of sippy cup lids and a book (see later, one of C's favs) all for like $22. THAT I could justify.

These bottles have been PERFECT for my older kids' lunches.

3 Ring Binder-style 12x12 Scrapbooks!

Have these always been around? Why have I been using POST BOUND books for so long, they're a pain in the butt, hard to arrange pages and do not hold near the amout these 3 Ring albums do!

I got my first one as Christmas gift.  I got the We R Memory Keeper in "Tangerine"  but I found a couple similar at Hobby Lobby (when they're 50% off they're only $10!)

Love Love!! I still have so many finished pages that need albums - can't wait to pick up more!
I love the little tag on the side to mark the contents.

The Honest Co. Stain remover

I heard great things about this Honest Co. spray from Carla The BubbleLush {in one of her videos}
I needed something more than Shout! Which wasn't cutting it anymore for us.

I purchased this when they had a free shipping promotion, and also got a All-Purpose Spray & Chest Rub as well. 

Which are both also great, but the STAIN REMOVER is super great! It's gotten all the stains out I've tried it on so far & I love the Lavender Scent & the great ingredients! - I'm still thinking about doing their subscription.



#1 fave since Christmas morning has to be.....
TRAINS, more specifically wooden trains (&train tracks) and even more specifically Chuggington trains!

He got these three Chuggers in his Christmas stocking, and honestly he would of been happy to stop there..he was so so happy with them!

 - And in Jan I found this little train table on clearance at Gordmans (man, I've been shopping there a lot!) and it's perfect for all this stuff.

Paw Patrol
He went through a faze in Jan where all he wanted to do was watch Paw Patrol, He turned 2 on Jan 8 and he was sick with an ear infection ON his birthday :/  And pretty much only wanted to sit and watch Paw Patrol, he also has two small PP toys (they're so hard to find!) that he loves to play with.

This is the book I ordered from the Citrus Lane Shop, they have it on clearance.
It's a big board book, with simple words and Cannon LOVES it. We read it every night & all through the day sometimes.

Oogaa Silicone bowls
These are awesome. They're so durable, won't break when dropped. I love the most the fact that they're not plastic, there is no harmful chemicals that can leach into your childs food if you put hot food in them to cool!

We have two bowls and need more!

Chobani Greek Yogurt sticks
He's only tried the strawberry, but he LOVES these!

Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors

Little bath bombs that turn the bath water colors.
Everynight we have to use these. He always wants at least two. Mixing the colors is fun (two per bath, mix them all and you'll get grey water :p)

What are some of your toddlers favorite things?