Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My First Month of Young Living Oils!!!

My Young Living journey has just started, I decided to take the leap and join on to become a wholesale member January 1, 2015.  It was honestly kind of an impulse decision, not something I had been dreaming of doing forever, but when the urg hit it all came together.

Just in December I went to a Bath And Body works candle sale and picked up 5 of their 3-wick candles.  They smell so good. I was so excited.  Then a week or later I go to Whole Foods and smelled a diffuser with lavender oil and fell in LOVE.  I decided to go back home and research oils more and found lots and lots of info out there.  I started reading about all the holistic benefits of oils, so many testimonials.

I also learned some more facts about candles (not all) & air fragrance products but a lot of the ingredients can me carcinogenic and hormorne disruptors and can cause reproductive problems.
Oils are just plant derivative oils!  Candles smell great, but harm our bodies, Oils smell great & help our bodies!

I looked into the two leading big guns in the industry and decided to join Young Living.  They've been around for a long time, I really liked all the videos I saw Gary Young in (founder of YL) and I watched all about their  Seed To Seal process that pretty much sold me on NOT buying oils from Whole Foods or any other store that sells them, I wanted to get the BEST.

I initially wanted to use oils to diffuse but was really interested in learing more about using them topically or ingesting them.  I feel 100% confident that these oils are safe.

I've only been using them for a month but I've had positive experiences with getting the winter sickness out of my house, getting my rowdy toddler to bed earlier & to sleep more soundly, treating headaches, getting rid of a planters wart and feeling more energized in the morning.  - ALL FROM the initial oils I got in my starter kit.

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I chose their Premium Starter Kit and it came with an AMAZING diffuser, 11 oils, a couple samples of their NingXia Red juice {yummy, totally plan on ordering more, I felt a definite pick-me-up in my energy when I drank them}, and a few sample packs of oils to share as well as an informative product guide.

I really liked the fact that I could join YL as a "Wholesale Member" and immediatly save 25% off retail on ALL items and could order at me leasure and not have any obligation to buy each month or ever again, or to have to "sell" anything to anymore.  I didn't want to join on to sell to others.  And I still don't have that desire..I'm only a month in, but I DO LOVE sharing whats working for us and how much I love these oils so far and would love to help my friends and family with their needs in such a natural way!

I couldn't be happier so far.  I even joined their Essential Rewards program.  I wasn't going to at first, but I quickly realized I was GOING to want to try more oils & blends and they have a whole line of skincare, home care, supplements -- all with OILS!  If I was going to be buying more I might as well earn points to get more free things!

So I see myself getting hooked, and I'm pretty excited to try new things each month.

My first ER (Essential Rewards) order is on its way and I'm ordering more Lemon oil.  This is probably the most used oil in my kit ( along with Lavender) I drink a couple drops in my water each morning and have noticed a significant boost in my mood/energy (and decrease in my coffee consumption!) and it tastes great!   I'm also ordering Orange oil, Theives toothpaste (OMG THEIVES - I can't even get into right now, what an amazing product THEIVES is -- learn more here.), I'm also ordering a couple of their oil bends (Valor, Envision, White Angelica (supposed to be another great one for relaxing at bedtime)) and Lavender Lip Balm.  SO SO EXCITED to get more goodies. I'll post about them when ! get them!

If you are interested in learning more please email me at

Signing up as a wholesale member is easy...

1. You go here:

2. You choose WholeSale Member, you add my #2386086 

3. You choose what starter kit you want.  You can sign up for ER now or skip & and do that later {or never!}.

THE ULTIMATE STARTER KIT is what I got and by far the best deal.  And you're in!
If you want to be on my team, you can email me with ANY QUESTIONS ANYTIME and I'll find the answers for you.

4. Once you order with my number (email at and let me know) then I can add you to our groups private FB page that you can ask any and all your oil questions and learn so so much!! I love it, all the ladies & men are so HELPFUL there!!