Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Honest Company Products Junkie & coupon code

This post is NOT SPONSORED, I bought all of this stuff. But will include my referral links.

So I just got my 4th Essentials Bundle from The Honest Company, and I'm really to scream from the rooftops JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM.

Here are just a couple:

I've tried a lot of their products now, still more I'd love to try,but I think I have all the big ones I've been needing & will use for a while. I'm gonna list what I have tried & a little bit about each product, maybe someone who is interested in trying some of these products out would be interested!

I must say I didn't order the sample pack (I knew I'd want to try bigger products, to get a good feel)
Also when you follow someones link and you can get $10 off your first order which made the bundle $25.95 instead of the original $35.95 so that was awesome! I basicly paid  $5.19 per product -- they are WAY MORE THAN THAT at Target FYI & also you can choose the BIGGEST MOST EXPENSIVE products to start out and make it even more of an awesome savings!

What I love most about all these products (besided the cute, simple packaging) is the fact that they don't add JUNK to their formulas, this stuff isn't gonna make you gag & sneeze! And there is not added colors or synthetic frangrances or harsh chemicals.

All Purpose Cleaner  & Stain Remover
(two of my first Honest loves)

They look very similar, I'm glad their kept in separate rooms because I'd probably get them confused often.

honest stain remover is what I use on our laundry stains, it is in a French Lavender scent, and I've found it works well on my messy 2 year olds food stains & also got some smashed up blueberries out of my carpet, just saying - it works!

honest multi-surface cleaner is what I use on almost everything, I've always been a fan of muli-purpose cleaners for countertops and use it all day every day in my kitchen and dinning room, and on my bathroom counters. This is in a white grapefruit scent.  I find that it's a subtle scent and works just as well as the Method/SevGen stuff I used to use!
I've also repurchased this refill bottle & it's just as perfect.

organic breath easy rub  this perfect substitution for those chemical laiden menthol rubs on the market! 
This rub uses essential oils and works wonders!! Safe for kids 3 months & up!
"Helps clear stuffy noses & support a good night's sleep" !
This smells WONDERFUL! I can really smell the Lavender essential oil - which is my fav, I'll rub some of this on my son when he's congested & some on myself for relaxation factor.

honest auto dishwasher gel This stuff really surprised me. I have a really small, really old dishwasher (small apartment rental) and I had been using Cascade Complete {the most expensive I could find, because that means it will work better, right?} and even that was leaving my dishes cloudy & actually left blue scum on the bottom of my washer.  I figured it was just what I had to deal with, my washer was too old and would never work that great.  Then I tried HONEST dishwasher gel and it got my dishes clean, AND cleaned up the blue scum mess Cascade left behind!  Mind blown.  Forget what you think about "natural" products not working as well... they do, sometimes a lot better than all that harsh stuff!!

honest rinse aid this stuff is free & clear and seems to be working well for my dishes! I haven't had any spots or residue!

honest dish soap LOVE! Just love. While I have a dishwasher { ^ small but washes most my stuff} I still find my self filling the sink at least 3 times a day to wash sippy cups, bottles, my water glasses & stainless steel straws, and pots & pans.  I need something that will get grim off of my pans and also be safe enough & not leave a strong scent on my son's bottles.  THIS IS THAT.  And bonus, it doesn't dry out my skin!

suds up bamboo brush & ceramic soap dish UM, Adorable!  This thing not only looks oh so cute sitting near my sink, but has become a must have for my stainless steel pots & pans, this works so well, I love that the dish lets the brush drain & dry.

Do see how much I love lavender yet? Everything in my home is lavender from my laundry soap to my bath salts... but it's so gooooood!

honest hand soap I'm loving this stuff & it has lasted me soo long, I've gone through a whole dish soap bottle & barely half of this hand soap... I wash my hands ALL THE TIME. I found using a half pump of this is just fine & makes it last a long time, it smells great & doesn't NOT DRY OUT MY HANDS in the winter & that is major.

honest bubble bath this is something I've already repurchased (even before I ran out) because I didn't want to run out & it works wonderfully! Finally a non-toxic bubble bath that ACTUALLY MAKES BUBBLES, that last! The scent is Tangerine Dream, but is very subtle. I love this for my 2 year old's bathtime!  And.... my bath time :)

honest deodorant smells so fresh! I found this really does keep me smelling fresh. This isn't an antiperspirant, so it won't stop you from sweating, but it's perfect to give your pits a break from all those harsh & toxic chemicals. Antiperspirant stops your body from purging toxins in your body that then make their way into your lymph nodes! Let your body breath & sweat!

honest 4 in 1 laundry packs super handy to have on hand. No measuring, just pop one in the washer. These are also handy when you'll be away from home for a few days but need to to laundry you can pack these in a little bag and not worry about spills & always have the perfect amount to wash your clothes!

honest dryer cloths I love that these come wet, they're not putting harsh, flamable chemicals onto your laundry. Each cloth can be used twice and I like to add my own essential oils to them for a nice lingering scent.  These really help with static that my wool dryer balls do not!

honest shampoo & body wash
honest face + body lotion  both wonderful! I use them mostly for my child, it's tear free. But the wash is a subtle scent that would be pefect for the whole family! The lotion is scent-less and I love to add my own Young Living essential oils to it for myself, especially with frankincense on my face!

honest bug spray this stuff smells soo good! I was thinking about mixing up my own blend of essential oils as a natural bug spray, but this stuff is so much easier!  Tested for effectiveness & much cheaper when bundled!!

honest sunscreen this stuff is clear! How awesome that you don't have to worry about rubbing in thick white cream! I haven't tried this yet, I'm excited to! Bring on summer!!

And finally, one of their newer products...

OMG! So cute! My little guys has been loving wearing sunglasses latley, he can't stand when the sun in his eyes!  These are so cute, come in 5 fun summer colors & are great quality! They come with a cute protective case too!  
They'r only $12.95! But you can get them at a 25% discount if you add it on to a bundle!

So if you haven't yet tried any of Honest's amazing home products {they also have SOOOOOOOO cute disposable diapers, baby formula, and vitamin bundles too!}  MIGHT AS WELL TRY SOME with a $10 off coupon I haven available for you!!!

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Let me know what some of your favorite Honest Products are in the comments down below!