Saturday, June 13, 2015

Father's Day Shadow Picture

I saw this cute picture on pinterest, of course, and figured it would be pretty simple & FREE and really wanted to try it out this year for Father's Day.

Father's Day 2015 is still a couple weeks away, but I'm fairly certain my hubby doesn't seek out my blogs to read them, unless I share them on my FB page, and I don't plan on doing that with this until after Father's Day.  But it's a cute concept and turns out pretty cute {if you can get your kids to co-operate} and thought I'd share the idea!!

I basicly took an old cardboard box from our move, broke it apart, free-handed the words I <3 DAD on it and cut it out!  - easy peasy!

The hardest part for us was catching the sun (for some reason whenever we had time or it was a good time to go out and try this, it was cloudy, or sunny with a few clouds... but by the time we all got situated and got the TWO YEAR OLD TO HOLD THE SIGN AND STAND STILL, we'd get a huge cloud)

It took a bunch of shots over a few different days but I finally got a shot I was HAPPY with, not exactly as perfect as I had envisioned.  But I think, still, it's adorable!

I plan on mostly using this to post online of Father's Day, but might just get a print made too and frame it! (I'll add a photo of that later, if I do!)

"practice shots", we'll call them:

Finally, moments before the sun went under a huge cloud today -

Winning shots:

The pin for my inspiration came from The Honest Company's Blog:

What pins are you trying to recreate this Father's Day?