Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honest Company Essentials Bundle Order | + Amazing Customer Service!

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I really love getting my Honest bundles!  I don't get them every month, probably more like every 2.5 months, because a lot of their essential products last quite a long time, but when I need to put in a new order I get really excited and always like to add some new things I haven't tried before.

I love their fast shipping too!

I ran out of their Automatic Dishwasher detergent and I LOVE LOVE it so much, I just had to get more.  I have a really small & old dishwasher in my apartment and this stuff works the best with it, even better than Cascade or the store brands I've been trying!

So I got two bottles of that, I added them to my bundle with the 25% discount (you get when you add three extra products to your 5-product bundle) it's the best deal that way, I like to add more expensive items to my actual bundle to save the most money.  I made a $50 order and got 8 items, so in my head - I like to say each item I received  cost me around $6.25  But some less & more obvs, the most expensive item I added this time was the Organic Shave oil with retails for $15.95!!

The Shave oil was new to be this month, I bought it for my hubby actually, he has full facial hair, but does shave some so thought he might like it. I couldn't resist though and already tried some on my legs and WOW! It has a cool/minty after effect and feels nice, I'm sure he'll love it!

Other new things are Soothing Bottom Wash (to try out after diaper changes, although coconut oil has been working like a charm for us).

Fruit + Vegtable Wash - we eat alot of raw fruit & veg so thought we'd try that.

Also the Liquid laundry detergent.
Which came leaking, actually, but didn't spill too much & didn't disturb any of the other items.

I messaged them on FB and they said they really want to know when items arrived damaged and would love pictures, so I sent them some and they (within minutes) put in an order to send me another laundry soap!

I have to say, EVERY SINGLE TIME I've called/emailed/or messaged The Honest Company they've always been super NICE & HELPFUL. Excellent customer service. My only negative is calling them can be hard, I've been on hold for 30+ minutes sometimes (other times only a few minutes) but still they'll always happy.  I'd say for most things (other than canceling a susbcription) it's best to message them PRIVATELY on Facebook or though their site.

I asked them if it was cloth diaper safe & they told me it was.


Then I picked up more Oxy Boost (I added it to loads of towels, and pool clothes, or anything extra dirty & think it really does get them EXTRA CLEAN)

Got more BUBBLE BATH (the most Bubble-y good-ingredient bubble bath I've found EVER)

And more Dishwasher detergent (x2)

Honest Mail is Happy Mail! Even the looking at the cute box makes me happy :)

Have you ever ordered anything from Honest?
I know they sell some stuff at Target (I don't have one near me) but the prices a bit more at Target than if you bundle.

What are some of your favorite products?

Do you have any awesome Honest Customer Service experiences?

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