Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Influenster Unboxing || Silk'n Flash & Go Light-based at home hair removal

I made a little "unboxing" video of a recent product I received for free for review through Influenster.
I uploaded it to YouTube last night & thought I'd post it here too.

I also have a coupon code that is limited, so I wanted to get that posted and out to anyone who may want to use it. It's good for 10% off this product through their website
The coupon code is NOHAIR and good until January 31, 2016 FYI

Here is the video:

Here are a few photos of the product:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

#31daysLWSZ Day 25 | It's all going to hell in a handbasket.

So this challenge has been great for me. We have more savings per week than we've had.. in a long time,  I've realized just how frivolous spending (coffees, fast food, clearance crap I don't need, really add up. My eyes have been opened I'm forever gonna be changed.  Watching the savings grow, the simple money saving ways of meal planning,  and the using-what-you-have-until-you-buy-more mentality will forever be with me.

And I'm not giving up, I'm just writing this out to say....I've failed a little.

I cheated,  and spent money I didn't "need" to.  A lot.  Not necessarily a lot of money...but a lot of times. ..especially this week.

Maybe this is my breaking point, 25 days (or 24, 23, 22...)

I'm ready to put my ass back on track starting now.

But I must confess.

I spent $$$ on:

Wine - (hubs bought it, but I didn't protest )
Hubs = beer - (my excuse - 50% off whole store + ftee shipping, toddler needed pants) - (free shipping + 30% extra off clearance ) - (4.0 BGS are all on clearance for $12.95... I needed THREE more 😔) - turns out I love them soooo much, I needed a few more.
(My first month trying out the Diva Cup want such a success 😳)

Lunch with the hubs and toddler today (with a half off coupon at least )


Still have the saved $$$ from the first 3 weeks... that's good right? And made $170 this month babysitting,  that good right?

Jumping back on the bandwagon.
Only free fun for the rest of the month!!!
I can doooooooo this!

Friday, October 16, 2015

#31DLWSZ | Day 8-16

I've been slacking on posts.

We're just over here enjoying life, soakin' in the beautiful fall weather, living well.

I've been working away at the "challenges" but haven't been getting them all done the day of.
(Which they're just set up to keep you busy while not spending money, not a requirement)

I've been CLEANING LOTS, I at one point had the whole apartment in It's OK for unexpected visitors to stop by order, that of course, lasted only a few hours. My JOB is exhausting.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 5-7 | truckin' along

Day 5-7 challenges have been focused on food prep & planning.

I have my next 2week chunk of dinners planned out (I'm finding it really hard to go beyond 2 weeks).
I shop every two weeks and I could try to plan for the whole month, I want to see what sales are available then and go off that.

Also I'm not good with planning that far ahead. Things might pop up, tastes and desires for certain meals will change.

This is just what works for me.

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Fri & grocery shopping day.
I'm gonna really try to spend less than normal.

*fingers crossed*

Yesterday marked ONE WEEK on the Living Well Spending Less challenge and I think I've done well!  We did end up saving a little more that $100. Which is nice, I really didn't think we would or COULD save anything so that is inspiring.

My husband has been great, I can tell he has MUCH fewer stops at the gas station before & after work for drinks/snacks and it's really helping us save.

I'm still good with not spending,

Yesterday I took my oldest son to the book store so he could spend some of his money on a couple comics.  I spent nothing (well, I take that back.. I bought Cannon one single Reese's Pumpkin at the checkout for being so well behaved --  I used spare change)

I did need to get a few things from the grocery store again yesterday.
Milk, Juice, and did get some more chips, popcorn, and although NOT NECESSSARY I cheated and bought La Croix, and then a 12 pack of store brand pop for the kids to ration!)  We've been so good drinking up what we have and drinking a lot of water. I crumbled and bought myself La Croix I felt I should get them a treat too.

Tonight we're going to the library for some free fun.

We still have a coupon for free admission to the Pumpkin Patch to use before the end of the month, but this weekend - the one day my husband has off, Sunday- is supposed to to unseasonably hot -- so we might do that next weekend.

Spent money on: Necessary groceries, and a couple treats
Wanted to spend money on, but didn't: books, Gymboree halloween costume with free shipping

Starting today our challenges are focusing on cleaning house and getting organized. This has me excited (really!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5 | This is getting hard

This not spending money thing, is hard.

I'm really starting to realized just how often we buy things because we can, because we want them, just because.

This morning we went to the library's storytime (well I took Cannon, Kendall was at school and Evan came with but did his schoolwork in the study area)  I'm always glad when we get to storytime. It's Monday mornings at 10am... and that is early for us.  I had to get Cannon up at 9:15 and he was reluctant.  But he really likes to go and it's FREE!

We stay at play for awhile afterwards and it's always between 11-12 when we leave and the easy thing to do is just swing by McDonalds and pick up a happy meal because we're (ME!) pretty hungry by then.  Cannon had dry cherrios before we left and got a snack of KIX while at storytime, I got about 4 sips of coffee in.

BUT we resisted and came home and made lunch.

Then after I picked Kendall up from school I needed to go get butter.  We were close to WalMart so I went there.  Dang butter is expensive. And I had to say no to about 12 things K asked for.  I did give into chocolate chips (can be a treat on their own and wanted to put some in the pumpkin bread I was making later on), and chips... but the cheapest ones we could find.  UGH.  I feel like that was a FAIL.
Potaotes and clementines  (so glad their in season again and they're so yummy, my kids fav snack these days)

We ARE saving money though. I think this first week we've put away about $100 - not kidding.. a little under, like $90 something. I can see where we could easliy have blown that, so I'm pretty proud of that. I just want to save SO MUCH MORE.

I've got to be reasonal, we're frugal in general their isn't gonna be HUGE SAVINGS since there isn't HUGE   .

Today's challenge was eat out at home. Copy cat recipes of your fav places.  I don't even really have a desire to try this right now, I don't have the ingredients I'd need.... plus Casey's pizza is a probably impossible to make at home....yummmmm *dreams about Casey's pizza*

We did have yummy homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and hubs helped make it!
That was a blessing <3

Today I spent money on: Groceries I spent around $15 (after a few dollars off that was on my Bluebird card from my Savings Catcher app)
I wanted to spend money on, but didn't: Nothing really, I was lazer focused at WalMart and didn't even look at anything I didn't go their for.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

#31daysLWSZ Day 4

Real quick,  writing this on my phone. ...
I didn't get to meal planning today.

Hubs only day off for the week, spent lounging and scrapbooking.

We went out to eat (as planned) to a restaurant we had a giftcard to & it was also kids eat free day.

Also sent hubs to get milk & eggs this morning and he did good resisting most things. ..but somehow couldn't resist also buying coconut Oreos.

And we need gas in the car.

Even with the Oreos I think we're doing really well.

I didn't want to buy anything today!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

#31daysLWSZ Day 3

Day three.

Today was the day to brainstorm meal ideas (according to what you have), write down all the family's favorite meals, and start planning your meals for the month.

I do have a running list of our favorite meals. And I already have our meals for the next week planned out. So I put this off until tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday and the new grocery store ads come out. I won't be grocery shopping until Fri so I'll have the next two weeks planned then.

I'll look at the ads online, or our building has communal recycling bins and a lot of residents throw their sunday papers away tomorrow or Monday (usually score some free coupons too!)

I had a MAJOR DIP in my mood/energy today, I don't know why. I just NEEDED A MINUTE.

The 2 year old did sleep in (we slept in until 10:30!) so that was nice, but although I might of had like 5 cups of coffee today... I felt so tired today. The weather was cloudy and chilly. But we did still get outside for a little bit.  I didn't feel as productive today as I usually do.  Which is crazy because I still managed to get 3 loads of laundry washed/dried/folded and hanged, unloaded/loaded/unloaded the dishwasher and washed 3 sinkful of dishes by hand, cooked breakfast (bacon & pancakes), lunch (leftover hashbrown & ham dish), and dinner (crock pot roast, mashed potato and green beans) and cleaned up after all.

I guess because my livingroom still looks trashed and I felt down I felt less productive.

BUT THANK GOD, my 2 year old went to bed at 8:30 tonight HALLELUJA,  I was able to soak in the bath, watch a little youtube and recharge.  It's 10pm, I'm watching a little The View and I'll be in bed soon!

Today I spent:  NOTHING!
Today I wanted to buy:  NOTHING!

I will need to get milk tomorrow. Oh and also it's Kids Eat Free day at a local restaurant tomorrow,  and I have $20 gift card, so that is dinner tomorrow! YAY!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

#31DaysLWSZ Day 2


Today was a good day.  Maybe more because I got to sleep in, Cannon didn't nap today (and was happy, it's a good thing) and was asleep by 10:30!  In this house that is amazing some days (epecially long weekends),  I've finished the LWSZ challenge for the day & showered all before 11:30 and will be going to bed after this post.  WOOT!

The challenge for today was to take inventory of your pantries, freezers & fridge.

Mine were all a hot mess.

Whipped up a yummy lunch with some stuff I found in the freezer.

I started the pantry earlier in the day, but it was such a BEAUTIFUL day outside I didn't want to miss it by cleaning and organizing all day so I did spend some time outside with Cannon.  Kendall went outside for a bit too and then after I dropped K off at a sleepover, took Cannon and Evan to the park in the evening before dinner.

Dang, it get's dark so early nowadays... I do miss the long days of summer, but this AMAZING COOOOOOOOL weather can stay <3

We found more leaves, and had to throw them up in the air and scream "whoohoooo!" each time!

That moment when all ducks realize you have bread!

Beautiful Nebraska sky today

Then we came home, made dinner.
One of our fam favs - Ground Beef Korean Beef

I have all our dinners still planned out for the next week (as I do every two weeks) so most of the stuff I have in the fridge/freezer will be used up by next grocery day  (next fri).  

I did finally finish the inventory & things are looking alot better!  

My fridge is so small, no matter what it looks out of order

Pantry looks better

Spice cabinet looks the best

I also found some gems I didn't remember I had:
(treats for me!)

Tomorrow I'll work on my meal plan for the rest of the month and shopping list for next Fri.

Today I spent: NOTHING
I wanted to buy: NOTHING!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

#31DaysLWSZ Day 1

Day one.

My husband signed the challenge this morning!
He mumbled something about needing chew for work. I told him he didn't have to go cold turkey, just cut down as much as possible.

And filled out the "ground rules"  Where you list out any committed expenses and what you will and WILL NOT spend money on.

I realized I didn't stock up on wine (never crossed my mind) BUT it's also NOT a neccessity although sometimes I feel like it is. IT'S NOT.  Sometimes after a long day it's soooo nice to "unwind" with a glass or more of wine, but I'm not an addict (my husband may jokingly disagree) but I totally CAN and will live with out buying anymore this month.  (I'll gladly take any donated bottles sent my way though ;)) and I will remember this quote when I'm feeling agitated and like I "deserve" a glass of wine for listening to whiny children all day.

"You're lack of planning is not my emergency."

I will not take this out on my family.  I will still probably put my self in a FREE time-out with my coloring book if need be.

Mothering is maddening.


Cannon & I did spend some time outside today, the weather was gorgeous today, the perfect temp and while not a lot of the leaves on our trees have changed colors and fallen yet we did find a few handfuls to toss up into the air and scream "It's a beautiful day!"

Today I spent money: yes :/

-I had to get a birthday gift for my daughter's friends, she's going to her party tomorrow. It was budgeted in the expenses... but we went to Justice at the mall and it was $30.  Then I had to stop and get spaghetti noodles (I somehow forgot a small chunk of items on my shopping list when I shopped last Fri, including noodles and butter. The butter can wait until next grocery shopping day (next Fri, in 8 days) but I had everything ready for dinner tonight.  And every dinner planned out for the next 8 days as well.

-Ended up also getting: a watermelon and mandarine oranges & bananas (produce also on our weekly budgeted list) Spent $15 at the grocery store.

Today I wanted to spend money on (but didn't): 

-Pink Lemonade Shop (my fav mamacloth site) sent me a 15% off coupon code good for today only in my email. DARN YOU! I cursed them, then promptly deleted the email.

- A super awesome clothing line I've been waiting to launch (geared at cute/modest clothing for tween/teen girls) just launched today :|  I will resist. (and will for now unfollow on instagram)

-The pretzels at the mall smelled really tempting! We resisted!