Thursday, October 1, 2015

#31DaysLWSZ Day 1

Day one.

My husband signed the challenge this morning!
He mumbled something about needing chew for work. I told him he didn't have to go cold turkey, just cut down as much as possible.

And filled out the "ground rules"  Where you list out any committed expenses and what you will and WILL NOT spend money on.

I realized I didn't stock up on wine (never crossed my mind) BUT it's also NOT a neccessity although sometimes I feel like it is. IT'S NOT.  Sometimes after a long day it's soooo nice to "unwind" with a glass or more of wine, but I'm not an addict (my husband may jokingly disagree) but I totally CAN and will live with out buying anymore this month.  (I'll gladly take any donated bottles sent my way though ;)) and I will remember this quote when I'm feeling agitated and like I "deserve" a glass of wine for listening to whiny children all day.

"You're lack of planning is not my emergency."

I will not take this out on my family.  I will still probably put my self in a FREE time-out with my coloring book if need be.

Mothering is maddening.


Cannon & I did spend some time outside today, the weather was gorgeous today, the perfect temp and while not a lot of the leaves on our trees have changed colors and fallen yet we did find a few handfuls to toss up into the air and scream "It's a beautiful day!"

Today I spent money: yes :/

-I had to get a birthday gift for my daughter's friends, she's going to her party tomorrow. It was budgeted in the expenses... but we went to Justice at the mall and it was $30.  Then I had to stop and get spaghetti noodles (I somehow forgot a small chunk of items on my shopping list when I shopped last Fri, including noodles and butter. The butter can wait until next grocery shopping day (next Fri, in 8 days) but I had everything ready for dinner tonight.  And every dinner planned out for the next 8 days as well.

-Ended up also getting: a watermelon and mandarine oranges & bananas (produce also on our weekly budgeted list) Spent $15 at the grocery store.

Today I wanted to spend money on (but didn't): 

-Pink Lemonade Shop (my fav mamacloth site) sent me a 15% off coupon code good for today only in my email. DARN YOU! I cursed them, then promptly deleted the email.

- A super awesome clothing line I've been waiting to launch (geared at cute/modest clothing for tween/teen girls) just launched today :|  I will resist. (and will for now unfollow on instagram)

-The pretzels at the mall smelled really tempting! We resisted!