Friday, October 2, 2015

#31DaysLWSZ Day 2


Today was a good day.  Maybe more because I got to sleep in, Cannon didn't nap today (and was happy, it's a good thing) and was asleep by 10:30!  In this house that is amazing some days (epecially long weekends),  I've finished the LWSZ challenge for the day & showered all before 11:30 and will be going to bed after this post.  WOOT!

The challenge for today was to take inventory of your pantries, freezers & fridge.

Mine were all a hot mess.

Whipped up a yummy lunch with some stuff I found in the freezer.

I started the pantry earlier in the day, but it was such a BEAUTIFUL day outside I didn't want to miss it by cleaning and organizing all day so I did spend some time outside with Cannon.  Kendall went outside for a bit too and then after I dropped K off at a sleepover, took Cannon and Evan to the park in the evening before dinner.

Dang, it get's dark so early nowadays... I do miss the long days of summer, but this AMAZING COOOOOOOOL weather can stay <3

We found more leaves, and had to throw them up in the air and scream "whoohoooo!" each time!

That moment when all ducks realize you have bread!

Beautiful Nebraska sky today

Then we came home, made dinner.
One of our fam favs - Ground Beef Korean Beef

I have all our dinners still planned out for the next week (as I do every two weeks) so most of the stuff I have in the fridge/freezer will be used up by next grocery day  (next fri).  

I did finally finish the inventory & things are looking alot better!  

My fridge is so small, no matter what it looks out of order

Pantry looks better

Spice cabinet looks the best

I also found some gems I didn't remember I had:
(treats for me!)

Tomorrow I'll work on my meal plan for the rest of the month and shopping list for next Fri.

Today I spent: NOTHING
I wanted to buy: NOTHING!