Sunday, October 25, 2015

#31daysLWSZ Day 25 | It's all going to hell in a handbasket.

So this challenge has been great for me. We have more savings per week than we've had.. in a long time,  I've realized just how frivolous spending (coffees, fast food, clearance crap I don't need, really add up. My eyes have been opened I'm forever gonna be changed.  Watching the savings grow, the simple money saving ways of meal planning,  and the using-what-you-have-until-you-buy-more mentality will forever be with me.

And I'm not giving up, I'm just writing this out to say....I've failed a little.

I cheated,  and spent money I didn't "need" to.  A lot.  Not necessarily a lot of money...but a lot of times. ..especially this week.

Maybe this is my breaking point, 25 days (or 24, 23, 22...)

I'm ready to put my ass back on track starting now.

But I must confess.

I spent $$$ on:

Wine - (hubs bought it, but I didn't protest )
Hubs = beer - (my excuse - 50% off whole store + ftee shipping, toddler needed pants) - (free shipping + 30% extra off clearance ) - (4.0 BGS are all on clearance for $12.95... I needed THREE more 😔) - turns out I love them soooo much, I needed a few more.
(My first month trying out the Diva Cup want such a success 😳)

Lunch with the hubs and toddler today (with a half off coupon at least )


Still have the saved $$$ from the first 3 weeks... that's good right? And made $170 this month babysitting,  that good right?

Jumping back on the bandwagon.
Only free fun for the rest of the month!!!
I can doooooooo this!