Saturday, October 3, 2015

#31daysLWSZ Day 3

Day three.

Today was the day to brainstorm meal ideas (according to what you have), write down all the family's favorite meals, and start planning your meals for the month.

I do have a running list of our favorite meals. And I already have our meals for the next week planned out. So I put this off until tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday and the new grocery store ads come out. I won't be grocery shopping until Fri so I'll have the next two weeks planned then.

I'll look at the ads online, or our building has communal recycling bins and a lot of residents throw their sunday papers away tomorrow or Monday (usually score some free coupons too!)

I had a MAJOR DIP in my mood/energy today, I don't know why. I just NEEDED A MINUTE.

The 2 year old did sleep in (we slept in until 10:30!) so that was nice, but although I might of had like 5 cups of coffee today... I felt so tired today. The weather was cloudy and chilly. But we did still get outside for a little bit.  I didn't feel as productive today as I usually do.  Which is crazy because I still managed to get 3 loads of laundry washed/dried/folded and hanged, unloaded/loaded/unloaded the dishwasher and washed 3 sinkful of dishes by hand, cooked breakfast (bacon & pancakes), lunch (leftover hashbrown & ham dish), and dinner (crock pot roast, mashed potato and green beans) and cleaned up after all.

I guess because my livingroom still looks trashed and I felt down I felt less productive.

BUT THANK GOD, my 2 year old went to bed at 8:30 tonight HALLELUJA,  I was able to soak in the bath, watch a little youtube and recharge.  It's 10pm, I'm watching a little The View and I'll be in bed soon!

Today I spent:  NOTHING!
Today I wanted to buy:  NOTHING!

I will need to get milk tomorrow. Oh and also it's Kids Eat Free day at a local restaurant tomorrow,  and I have $20 gift card, so that is dinner tomorrow! YAY!!!