Friday, October 16, 2015

#31DLWSZ | Day 8-16

I've been slacking on posts.

We're just over here enjoying life, soakin' in the beautiful fall weather, living well.

I've been working away at the "challenges" but haven't been getting them all done the day of.
(Which they're just set up to keep you busy while not spending money, not a requirement)

I've been CLEANING LOTS, I at one point had the whole apartment in It's OK for unexpected visitors to stop by order, that of course, lasted only a few hours. My JOB is exhausting.

BUT I've managed to really DEEP CLEAN some things too, I've been able to inventory and organize my pantry (earlier post about that) and it's starting to look disheveled again.

The bathrooms have been cleaned and a lot of things were removed from my kids' bathroom, and nothing has been asked for back! Apparently they didn't need all the choices. And our bathrooms have been staying clean which is amazing!

I did have to go grocery shopping again. I'm just SO USED TO grocery shopping and meal planning every two weeks. I know this saves us a ton of money vs just winging it and running to the store every other day... so I really feel like I can't skip that. And while I feel like I spend a TON of money (on average about $400-500 every two weeks between Sams Club & Walmart)  Which is about $200/$250 per week but that is GROCERIES AND HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS, like this week I needed to re-up our Tide Powder.  I had been using up all the things that we had to try to stretch as far as we can go (for the past two months actually) but I was down to just a bottle of Honest det. and if I use that for everything (was currently using it for only cloth diapers) it would be gone fast.  I got the HUGE BOX at Sams and that will last at least 2 months.

Yea I could of tried to make some, I've done that in the past, or bought the cheapest stuff I could find.
But I just COULDN'T anymore.  I wanted to my diapers to actually smell GOOD again, and I like using Tide on EVERYTHING.  Plus I had that marked into my "ok to buy" list in the beggining.
I spent $200 at Sams
The Tide was $30, and I caved an bought Cannon a Halloween costume $16
I spent $300 at Walmart, and have 14 meals planned out, plus snacks and toothpaste, I did (again cave) and buy disposable wipes, and got the kids vitamins, TP,...


But after the big spend on groceries (which is actually just normal) , and groceries are ok.
I haven't been spending much else.

Money I spent:
Last week I did "cheat" a couple times.
I bought a book at a library signing we went to. For $13.  We took a book of Cannon's in to get it signed by the author and ended up buying her new one -- and getting that signed too.  (Not a necessity, but not something that we'd have the opportunity to do again)

I ordered more prints of Kendall's school pictures to send to family $20
(I'm also gonna need to print some of the boys when those come -- who knows when, I might not be until Nov)

Evan wanted a new video game, I told him we wouldn't be buy that until Nov. He decided to sell 3 of his old games and I took in 3 of my old books to our local Hastings entertainment store and with the credit we got he was able to get a brand new Ps4 Game for "free", and a new comic - we paid $5 cash (I got cannon a "treat" at the check out for being good and not throwing a fit when we had to leave, and the HUBS insisted on getting some too)

Then we ran to HyVee to get more produce (it's been a week since the grocery haul), bacon, eggs, french bread (because I forgot to thaw some - fail) and milk. Spent $40

Hubs whined that he was hungry the WHOLE time, and wanted lots of crap.  He resisted but did pick up two Little Cesar Pizzas on the way home $12

Bought my mom a cute shirt for Halloween ("Grandma's Pumkin Patch with the names of her grandchildren) She's gonna love it & I don't regret it: $20

So far we've saved $650, I'm not even kidding!

What I wanted to spend money on but didn't:
I find myself wanted to buy things  here and there, mostly the temptation is online because I'm not really going anywhere.

I've wanted to buy more liners at Pink Lemonade Shop
Especially this!!

(I have a problem, I'm just starting a my stash, and don't have enough right now to use exclusively but I'll wait... for sales and such...and another month)

I've wanted to order another Honest Bundle just to get this FREE BAG, but I resisted.
(shameless plug: if you're new to Honest (THEY'RE AMAZING) and you want to order from them use my referral link! If 2 people do I can get a bundle for FREE ----- that won't be cheating! ;)

I've also wanted to make a couple purchases on ShopJustice,com Kendall wants new leggings and boots and I have a coupon for free shipping,...and boots are on sale right now..... but so far I've resisted.

I'm finding, more than getting things, I'm really REALLY enjoying seeing my savings grow!!

We do have a pumpkin patch visit coming up (tickets were bought for half-off last month) and possibly an unexpected trip to the zoo (because my husband is getting an unexpected week off and it's freakin' beautiful here right now & soon will be cold and we'll be stuck inside for months -- that's my justification.) But still I'm gonna stick to my guns and spend as LITTLE as possible, bring our own food and drinks and buy minimal "treats".

Half-way done with the challenge and I haven't been perfect, but I'm still pretty proud of us!