Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 5-7 | truckin' along

Day 5-7 challenges have been focused on food prep & planning.

I have my next 2week chunk of dinners planned out (I'm finding it really hard to go beyond 2 weeks).
I shop every two weeks and I could try to plan for the whole month, I want to see what sales are available then and go off that.

Also I'm not good with planning that far ahead. Things might pop up, tastes and desires for certain meals will change.

This is just what works for me.

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Fri & grocery shopping day.
I'm gonna really try to spend less than normal.

*fingers crossed*

Yesterday marked ONE WEEK on the Living Well Spending Less challenge and I think I've done well!  We did end up saving a little more that $100. Which is nice, I really didn't think we would or COULD save anything so that is inspiring.

My husband has been great, I can tell he has MUCH fewer stops at the gas station before & after work for drinks/snacks and it's really helping us save.

I'm still good with not spending,

Yesterday I took my oldest son to the book store so he could spend some of his money on a couple comics.  I spent nothing (well, I take that back.. I bought Cannon one single Reese's Pumpkin at the checkout for being so well behaved --  I used spare change)

I did need to get a few things from the grocery store again yesterday.
Milk, Juice, and did get some more chips, popcorn, and although NOT NECESSSARY I cheated and bought La Croix, and then a 12 pack of store brand pop for the kids to ration!)  We've been so good drinking up what we have and drinking a lot of water. I crumbled and bought myself La Croix I felt I should get them a treat too.

Tonight we're going to the library for some free fun.

We still have a coupon for free admission to the Pumpkin Patch to use before the end of the month, but this weekend - the one day my husband has off, Sunday- is supposed to to unseasonably hot -- so we might do that next weekend.

Spent money on: Necessary groceries, and a couple treats
Wanted to spend money on, but didn't: books, Gymboree halloween costume with free shipping

Starting today our challenges are focusing on cleaning house and getting organized. This has me excited (really!)