Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5 | This is getting hard

This not spending money thing, is hard.

I'm really starting to realized just how often we buy things because we can, because we want them, just because.

This morning we went to the library's storytime (well I took Cannon, Kendall was at school and Evan came with but did his schoolwork in the study area)  I'm always glad when we get to storytime. It's Monday mornings at 10am... and that is early for us.  I had to get Cannon up at 9:15 and he was reluctant.  But he really likes to go and it's FREE!

We stay at play for awhile afterwards and it's always between 11-12 when we leave and the easy thing to do is just swing by McDonalds and pick up a happy meal because we're (ME!) pretty hungry by then.  Cannon had dry cherrios before we left and got a snack of KIX while at storytime, I got about 4 sips of coffee in.

BUT we resisted and came home and made lunch.

Then after I picked Kendall up from school I needed to go get butter.  We were close to WalMart so I went there.  Dang butter is expensive. And I had to say no to about 12 things K asked for.  I did give into chocolate chips (can be a treat on their own and wanted to put some in the pumpkin bread I was making later on), and chips... but the cheapest ones we could find.  UGH.  I feel like that was a FAIL.
Potaotes and clementines  (so glad their in season again and they're so yummy, my kids fav snack these days)

We ARE saving money though. I think this first week we've put away about $100 - not kidding.. a little under, like $90 something. I can see where we could easliy have blown that, so I'm pretty proud of that. I just want to save SO MUCH MORE.

I've got to be reasonal, we're frugal in general their isn't gonna be HUGE SAVINGS since there isn't HUGE   .

Today's challenge was eat out at home. Copy cat recipes of your fav places.  I don't even really have a desire to try this right now, I don't have the ingredients I'd need.... plus Casey's pizza is a probably impossible to make at home....yummmmm *dreams about Casey's pizza*

We did have yummy homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and hubs helped make it!
That was a blessing <3

Today I spent money on: Groceries I spent around $15 (after a few dollars off that was on my Bluebird card from my Savings Catcher app)
I wanted to spend money on, but didn't: Nothing really, I was lazer focused at WalMart and didn't even look at anything I didn't go their for.