Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our First WE COOK Baby Boy Bakery Kids recipe! | November 2015

I've been following Baby Boy Bakery's blog and instagram profile for over a year now.
I admire Jacqui's style, honesty & strength.

After losing her son in a tragic accident when he was three years old, I've followed her journey through grief and bandaged heart.

Baby Boy Bakery was created when her son was just a few months old to document their little moments and tasty adventures. And this year (1.5 years after losing her son) while pregnant with her second, a daughter, Jacqui launched a new fun subscription box in collaborations with Studio Callico.

This box was inspired by all the fun and memories made in the kitchen with her son, and as a way for his sweet little legacy to live on.

Baby Boy Bakery Kids' We Cook, is a monthly subscription box that includes a tasty recipe each month that will be perfect for cooking up with your kiddos!

I have always found baking with my kids to be special memory-making times.

Some of our fun memories:
(My oldest son is now 14 & my daughter 11)

Now, I also have an almost-three-year-old son and have just started letting him "help" me in the kitchen, he already loves helping me dump ingredients and stir and "hold" the mixer with me.

The first ever We Cook packages were sent out this month and I was so excited when we received ours!

(It was delivered in a bubble wrap envelope, only the paper envelope with its contents (the spatula was not included)

First there was a sweet letter, explanation of the subscription and backstory from Jacqui printed on vellum paper and the actual recipe cards with step by step instructions

The "supplies"


I made of list of the things I needed to pick up to make the recipe:

Once we had all the supplies we set up and got ready to try this recipe out!!

This recipe was for Fruity Rollups (homemade real-fruit leathers)

The pre process was pretty simple.

Cannon enjoyed helping me add all the fruit into a pan.
First we made mixed berry and added some spinach.

And our second batch was Apple Cinnamon

I MUST SAY, this recipe took me 2 tries before I got a good result.
The first time I baked them just tooo long (the recommendation was 6-8hrs...and I think I did 5 and it was too dry & burnt. 
The second time they turned out much better and I only cooked them like 3.5-4hrs

They turned out REALLY YUMMY.  I love the apple one the best.
The baking time is kinda hard, espceially for a recipe you make with your kids, it's hard to wait 5 HOURS for a yummy treat. 

I'm glad I tried this recipe though, I realized just how easy it can be to make a MUCH better version of a fruit roll up and wouldn't call this a snack you can just whip up, but a good make ahead healthy snack.

I signed up with the 12-month subscription (which is billed every month, $15/month with free shipping) and it includes a recipe binder to keep all the cute cards in (which I haven't received yet because they're back ordered.)

For $15/month for a fun kid-tested recipe I think it's worth it.
More excuses to make treats!!