Friday, January 15, 2016

Beauty Product Challenge! || FINISH 5 BY CINCO DE MAYO (Project Pan Roulette)

Sometimes things spark my interest and get me all jazzed to try a new product/craft/diy/book/challenge and my body buzzes with ideas and feelings of excitement.... then I don't really do much with the idea, or I talk myself down ("other people are already doing that, and doing it better" or "I'll probably not keep up with that" or "eh,  I'll just watch tv instead") and I've decided I'm gonna try to stop doing that.

Yea. I'm reading Big Magic, right now, by Elizabeth Gilbert... 

I'm gonna stop ignoring that "buzzing" feeling I get when I think of something fun & creative I want to do.  I'm gonna try my best to take more time out for ME and my creative/fun endeavors.   

I got that excited feeling when I watched a youtube video from HeidiKMakeup today.

Her video FINISH 5 BY CINCO DE MAYO (Project Pan Roulette) sparked my interest.

I'm not currently much of a make up wearer... because I'm a stay at home mom, that really DOES stay at home more often than not.   But I really do like make up -- and I have a lot.  I still have a bunch of samples and full products from the year of Ipsy bags I bought and would love a good ol challenge to use these products up.  And I find that make up brightens my mood on the days I do put it on (usually when I'm headed out to a teacher meeting/dr visit/or grocery shopping) and I think I my techniques could be improved.  

Some of the beauty products I'm trying to use up (& don't even get me started on my bodycare/hair care products -- I have so many.) I'll be using hair/body products too.

So my reasons for taking up the challenge:

  • Feeling more put together, even on the days I stay home.
  • Using up products I have before they go to waste.
  • Practice! Getting better at make up application.
  • Because it sounds fun!
Heidi and her friend created this challenge.
(They focus on using "cruelty-free" products, I do not.)

The "rules":

There are 50 categories.  Randomly choose 5.
I'm doing the "Pieces of paper in a jar" method, Heidi used

Then the first challenge starts now. 
It's called "5 by Cinco De Mayo"  (I'm assuming they'll be others Heidi will do after this one, with the same list. I may follow her  if she does more or I'll come up with another after May 5)

You try to use up the 5 items you randomly choose by May 5, 2016.

Love a good challenge!

Here is the list if you'd like to join us! 

1. A lipstick you love
2. An item that was gifted
3. An eyeshadow you never wear
4. A product you'd wear on date night
5. A high end "luxury" item
6. Something you love to hate
7. An item you hate to love
8. Your most recommended item
9. A nail polish
10. Yomething you've almost used up
11. Your favorite lipstick color
12. A drugstore product
13. Something that sparkles
14. Something that seems impossible
15. Something in a palette
16. An impulse buy
17. A holy grail item
18. Something you've had forever 
19. A sample size
20. A body care item
21. A hair care item
22. Something you could live without/easily dupe with your collection
23. Something from your favorite brand 
24. A hidden gem
25. Youtube made me buy it
26. Something you regret
27. If you only had 1 minute to do your makeup you'd use this
28. A cheek product
29. A powder
30. A gel/liquid/cream
31. A non lipstick lip product
32. Something forgotten at the bottom of a drawer
33. A repurchased product/will repurchase
34. A product owned by a parent company that tests on animals
35. Something pink
36. Something someone else picked out for you
37. You pick
38. Something not worth the hype
39. A product from a category you have too much of
40. Expires soon
41. Something you were stoked/excitedly planning to buy
42. A limited edition item
43. Pan already showing
44. Product from your least favorite brand
45. A product you already have a backup of
46. A product in a format you don't love
47. Color you're scared of
48. Planning to pan already
49. From most recent haul
50. A full size product

My picks:

The items I chose:

I've had this lip exfoliator close to 2 years! It's probably expired but I'm gonna use as much as I possibly can then toss it.  I really don't use it that often (obviously) It's pretty abrasive. But it is winter & my lips do get chapped often... so it's now or never!

I don't own much that cost me over a few dollars, so picking something I really regret was kinda hard,  But this Kenra Thermal Styling Spray was expensive an it's not my favorite. I like a thermal spray that's more silky (oily) than this, this is a firm hold.  This is good for holding curls, but I tend to like to straighten my hair more often.... maybe trying to use this will get me to curl my hair more.  It's about 2/3 full.

I love this Wet N Wild lip color (547B Breeze),  I used to wear it a ton then kinda forgot about it. It's nice and neutral, like I prefer with a little shimmer to it.

This is a pallet created by Judy from It's Judy Time on YouTube. I bought this for myself Christmas of 2014, so I've had this a year and this is all I've used of it. No way I could finish this in 4 months, but my goal is to at least hit pan on one color.

And lastly,

I have plenty of black eye liners.. my fav & one I've been using the most is L'Oreal Infalible.  I'm gonna try to use only this one as much as I can.

Excited to start playing, tomorrow!


I'll try to update maybe, weekly with how it's going and some pictures of my looks I've came up with.  I might most more frequently on my instagram.

If you've stumbled upon this post & it interests you, go watch Heidi's video, follow her YouTube channel and join in!