Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Haul + Review ||

I was SO LUCKY to have recently won a giveaway that MisterManPants on Instagram held. 
The giveaway was for one of their "Budget Mystery Boxes" that they have available on their website.

Mister Man Pants, LLC is a website that sells eco friendly mommy & baby items. Items like cloth diapers & amber necklaces.

You can follow her on IG & see all the fun shipments she sends out.

You can purchase just what you need from from Sunbaby cloth diapers, to essential oil jewlery to mamacloth or opt for the mystery boxes (if you're feeling wild) and with a few notes about your prefrences in items/colors they'll but together a fun surprise for you at a great price!

After Kate contacted me that I won, I emailed her some suggestions and she shipped out my package SUPER QUICK.

The package was shipped & arrived to me within days. 

Kate listened to all my preferences and I really did feel like the box was customized perfectly!!
She was so nice to talk to as well, and answered emails & messages quickly.

The items I was sent:

Shark Print Sunbaby Trainer (like a cloth Pull Up)
I had not tried on of these before, and I love the print and in general like the Sunbaby's brand... this has turned out to work wonderfully for us. I have a 3 year old that is considering using the potty full time but still wears diapers/pull ups -- this fits him nicely.  Lovin' it so far.

Lava Rock Essential Oil bracelet- I've worn this a few times with some of my essential oils and it's nice, the scent really does linger for a few hours. It's not too big or too small.  Feels comfortable.

Small wet bag - not sure of a brand.
I did set some wet diapers in this over night and found it to leak a bit. It's good for a few hours with out leaks. Wet bags always come in handy, whether holding dirty diapers, mama cloth while you're out until you can get them home.. or holding wet bathing suits in the summer.. can't have too many!

And finally, what I was most excited about -
Kawaii Cloth Pads!  I've been using cloth now for over 6 months and LOVE IT and will never go back to full-time disposables.  I've only ever tried one other brand and was a little iffy looking at these. Mostly because I'm not used to the smooth backing these have.  But I found that they work just find and for the most part stay put and don't move around too much like I was worried about.

I've used them all and they work wonderfully, not leaks, hold a lot and washed well and came out clean. But with these being white cotton flannel topped I imagine they'd be really easy to SUN the stains out if they ever got any.

And the best part - the whole set is sold for only $13 a set!

Hope you enjoyed this Haul + Review!

I'd highly recommend this sell, great customer service, great variety of quality items for sale & quick shipping in the USA!