Sunday, March 13, 2016

#Finish5byCincoDeMayo update

Chugging a long with my SHOP YOUR STASH challenges...
I'm trying not to purchase many new things beauty/ body related &just use what I have. I have a lot and what's the point of hoarding it?? This stuff is not quality when it's used within a decent amount of time.

I do admit to buy a few things though.
I needed more masccara and found some Volume Express Falsies Mascara in a Christmas set (with a black eyeliner) on clearance at Walmart. I needed some brow materials, so I'm trying out the ELF brow kit  purchased at Walmart too, I believe. And then I purchased another Ofra Pink Lady lipstick from because I just love that color and I used up every last drop in the last one I've had (for close to 5 years!)

UPDATE ON  Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo

Going well! I "finished" two items so far.  I wanted to hit pan in two shades in my Judy Time palette ("Youtube made me buy it") and accomplished that this week, hit pan on my second color - light purple.

I really don't think I can hit pan on another by 5/5, I just don't like many of the others enough. I'm in a COOL COLOR mood and these are all too warm for me.  And that BLUE... no.  I could use it as an undereye pop, but that uses just a teeny tiny amount.

And totally finished (well as good as it's gonna get) E.L.F. lip exfoliater (Non-lipstick lip product)--  it was getting SO ABRASIVE.. and it's probably completely because it's a year old,

  •  (regret) Kenra Thermal Spray is coming along - I think I *might* be able to finish it!
  • (could live without) Covergirl InkIt eyeliner - I have no idea - but I have GOT to be close!!
  • (lost at the bottom of a drawer) Wet &Wild lipstick - working away. I don't know if I could finish this one, it seems never ending....


And I've decided to start a new challenge. With 4 more items from the roulette game.
We''ll call this 4 by Fourth of July

More on that in my next post!