Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 2016 Favorites

I’ve written a new “favorites” list.
I’m gonna try to keep up with this on the monthly.

Seeing as October is almost over (what!?)
I’m gonna share with you some of my favs from the past month.


Starbucks Chile Mocha Frap = delish
(I also tried the hot version , and not as good)


I don't get Ipsy anymore (I do order it for Kendall, but I saw this lipstick and needed it. It's called SMOKE and the color is like a cool tone mauve and I LOVE IT. I don't like many lipsticks (im a super light neutral girl) but I just love this one, I had to order a full size.  They gave me a referal link where you can get $5 (if you want)  and also the ipsy coupon is still good code:  


 for 25% off!!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 box (it was 100% amazing, for some reason I took no pictures of it, but this scarf & mug were included & I love them.

Mrs Meyers Apple Cider All Purpose Spray (I got the hand soap too) 

and it's pretty much making me want to clean all the things.
I got mine from Grove Collaborative and its a must this fall.

I found this sweater on sale for $12 at TJMaxx and fell in love. Yes it's black & grey.

Recipes:  These turned out great: 

Our Baby Boy Bakery kit was homemade pizza


I got this idea from Loveli Channel


Family time: 
Parade, Church (first time ever we all went!), Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving

Kendall didn't want to go (or get up that early on a Sat)

New place[s]: