Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why I'm selling AVON

I just became a new Avon representative!  

I'm overjoyed!  I haven't purchased from Avon in awhile, and back in Nov I started wanting to try some products and I figured why not just join? 

I've sold Avon in the past & loved it -- and while I'm not in the perfect position to sell right now (stay at home mom who really doesn't have a big circle of friends in this town), things are much different  than when I sold years ago -- of course ONLINE shopping is big thing these days -- you can shop my campaigns straight from your couch and while they still have biweekly campaigns, you can place an order anytime now. 

It's so exciting!

Also, signing up as a rep was super cheap!  ↓ (link below)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Did God not say that LOVE actually IS THE ANSWER?????

Enlighten me, Lord.

I'm a woman.  I care about women, I'm also a Christian I love GOD, I live through Jesus. I love other people.
I'm also an independent voter and I like to think I'm fairly open minded.

I didn't vote for Donald Trump.
I couldn't see past the person he is,...

I do believe in LIFE.  I don't like the thought of abortions, I would never have an abortion.
I don't think they should be illegal.  I don't think they should be used as birth control either.

Does that make me anti-feminist? I can see it from both view points.