Sunday, January 22, 2017

Did God not say that LOVE actually IS THE ANSWER?????

Enlighten me, Lord.

I'm a woman.  I care about women, I'm also a Christian I love GOD, I live through Jesus. I love other people.
I'm also an independent voter and I like to think I'm fairly open minded.

I didn't vote for Donald Trump.
I couldn't see past the person he is,...

I do believe in LIFE.  I don't like the thought of abortions, I would never have an abortion.
I don't think they should be illegal.  I don't think they should be used as birth control either.

Does that make me anti-feminist? I can see it from both view points.

If people were being forced to have abortions that would be entirely different -- that would be something to be up in arms about.  But when women choose to abort their babies (and the doctors who perform the procedure) -- THEY are the ones who will answer to God about that. You can't carry hate in your heart for them. Pray for them.

I believe if woman who resorted to abortion felt more supported in having a baby they wouldn't.
I think more Christians speaking life & truth into young people will help with the young unwed woman possibly even getting pregnant. But things happen...and if someone is feeling like they can't support a baby, or even want a baby... they need more options.  Adoption is AMAZING.  Maybe this needs to be an easier option?

I just don't see how banning abortions will help with the fundamental reasons these woman WANT abortions.

I want all children born in this world to be wanted, and cared for, and LOVED.
This needs to be made easier.

There are so many things we could argue about.
There are parents right now, who didn't abort their children who are treating them like complete mistakes right now & not taking care of their needs, or hearts.... what are we gonna do about that?

We need to be more compassionate, To our neighbors, our communities, the fellow sinner next door.
Can we raise each other up? Can we have different options, yet still love each other?

Love the woman in your life! Love the unwed young mothers! Love the sinners!! Love them so hard they wonder about Jesus.

Is this impossible? I truly believe it's not, I believe it's what God wants, It's clearly what he's told us to do.
 Luke 6:31
 Luke 6:35
 Mark 12:31
 Ephesians 4:2

Just to name a few.