Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why I'm selling AVON

I just became a new Avon representative!  

I'm overjoyed!  I haven't purchased from Avon in awhile, and back in Nov I started wanting to try some products and I figured why not just join? 

I've sold Avon in the past & loved it -- and while I'm not in the perfect position to sell right now (stay at home mom who really doesn't have a big circle of friends in this town), things are much different  than when I sold years ago -- of course ONLINE shopping is big thing these days -- you can shop my campaigns straight from your couch and while they still have biweekly campaigns, you can place an order anytime now. 

It's so exciting!

Also, signing up as a rep was super cheap!  ↓ (link below)

The cheapest package (what I did) is only $25/shipped

And you get 4 FULL SIZE products and a bunch of book, receipt book, bags -- every thing you'll need to start!

I grew up with my grandmother selling Avon & always loved getting to order the new items as "demos" before they launched.  

I also really love getting packages and then sorting & bagging everything up for my customers.

Most of all, the smells, the process, just thinking about Avon -- all reminds me of my grandmother.

I forgot what great quality their make up is, and so cheap -- even drug store make up these days is getting expensive and  Avon's products are still so affordable for EVERYONE!

And of course Avon is a brand that has been around A LONG time, one of the first companies empowering woman -- and have a long history of quality products and supporting charitable causes!

They're also much more than make up:
They're fashion, accesories, toys, and home decor.

When is the last time you checked out Avon again?